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Fairy Slumber Party

Create fun, giggles and hours of creative playtime with a Fairy Slumber Party. Every little girl loves a pyjama sleepover party and now she can invite the fairies outside her fairy door! A Fairy Door is the most amazing piece of decor in a child’s room because it’s not only beautiful but the options for…

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There’s a Fairy Under my Bed

There’s a fairy under my bed! Read how one mum helped her child overcome a fear of monsters under the bed, with a fairy door.

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Afraid of the Dark

Night time and a vivid imagination, can often cause children to be afraid of the dark. Read below how fairies can help your child feel safe.

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Monsters Under the Bed

Do you have a child who is afraid there are monsters under the bed? Read below how a fairy door and one mums amazing idea helped her child overcome this.

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