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How to Make a Fairy House from a Shoe Box

We have just launched our new Inward Opening Fairy Doors and we’d like to show you how to make a fairy house from a shoe box. So easy, cheap and perfect to display your Inward Opening Fairy Door! Our new Inward Opening Fairy Doors as the name says, can only open inward. So if you…

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Fairy Home Picnic

The sun is shining and the days are warmer, so how about we enjoy a Fairy Home Picnic outside your fairy door? And it’s easy to create, especially with our FREE Picnic Template to print. So, here’s how to create a fun, family, Fairy Home Picnic Setting Print our FREE Fairy Home Picnic Basket and…

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Fairy Home Baking

With all this time at home, the fairies are enjoying time in the kitchen with plenty of Fairy Home Baking. And we have designed some special FREE baking templates to add the magic baking touch to your fairy door scene. Fairies love baking and they are great cooks! They can make a mess though but…

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Fairy Home Cleaning

With plenty of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are busy fairy home cleaning. We even have FREE prints to help create this fun scene. Fairies are industrious little creatures who are never ones to waste time or be bored. And just like us, they enjoy tinkering with odd jobs and fix…

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Easy Fairy Door Ideas

By using every day activities as inspiration, you can create some magical adventures with your fairy door and we show you how with our Easy Fairy Door Ideas

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How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas

How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas? Christmas is the most magical time of year for us and also for little fairies because they love to be included in the celebration!

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