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We are extremely proud of the glowing reviews we regularly receive from our customers. Most of them are received through our automated review system and these are displayed on our home page. However, many are also received by email, which we have shown below…

Fabulous! Thank you so much. I purchased a fairy door from you for her big sister a while back and she loved it. 
So your fairy doors are the perfect birthday gift. 
I really appreciate your work. Hope you had a fabulous Easter.
Kind Regards
Gin April 2022
Best customer service ever!!!!! Thank you so so much for the absolutely gorgeous fairy accessories. I set up our fairy door today and along with the accessories I bought from you it is just gorgeous. I’ve attached a photo for you to see. My daughter loves everything 💗
MEL April 2022
Hi ladies! I want to say just how stunning your fairy door set is. I am also amazed at the quality and detail of all the extras. I have found myself going back to your website over and over again looking to buy even more. This is going to be so much fun. Thank you also for the fast service and shipping. I look forward to placing yet another order.
Jac March 2022
Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and the little extra’s you popped in to my order. I have 2 very happy little birthday girls
Sandy March 2022
The attention to detail in everything from the product to personalized advise & gift card/message to go with it were excellent thank you. My niece loves her door; but took some time to find where it should go after days of questions about fairies….. incredible how their minds and imaginations work with a gift like this.
Rebecca February 2022

Just letting you know that my order arrived yesterday and I am thrilled with both contents and speed of delivery. Tried to log onto your facebook page to leave a comment, but not letting me do that right now. Great service and products. thanks so much!
Judy January 2022

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the effort you went to in making my order so seamless! The turnaround time was so quick and I absolutely love the care you took in packaging everything. I haven’t set it up yet but I cannot wait to see my daughters reaction once she sees this magic unfold.
thanks again
Rhonda January 2022
Hi Fairy Dream Team,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for such high quality products.
My son and daughter absolutely love the fairy door and all the magic that has come with it. Have a beautiful day
Billie  November 2021
Thank you so much Julie and Mum. The fairy door and accessories are so beautiful. I am buying them for my granddaughter for Christmas. I know she will be very thrilled with your wonderful creations!
Many thanks
Joane November 2021
You guys and your speed are phenomenal!! Hope you’ve been keeping safe and well 🙂
Penny November 2021


Hello again ladies, I received my order today, amazing how quickly it arrives. Thank you so much. I have another granddaughter whose parents ordered the Pink door, so you will see two orders of some of the gorgeous extras.
Julie October 2021
This is a present for my daughters friend. My daughter has a fairy door and she loves it so much, so we are hoping it brings as much joy to her friend. Thank you ladies.
Naomi October 2021
Oh my goodness! That was so fast! Thank you so much. This will be something lovely for my sister and my nieces during a dreadful lockdown time in Sydney.My twins had fairy doors for years and we loved talking to and writing to the fairies. Your doors will help bring joy to a little family who needs it. Thank you so much.
Mary-Anne September 2021
That was so fast! Thank you! It’s for my daughters best friend (we have one of your doors already which Lily adores). I have been telling everyone how wonderful they are and how much joy they bring. Lily can’t wait to gift this to her friend for her birthday. Thank you for such a quick turnaround.
Jess August 2021
Your doors are outstanding! You should both be congratulated. Thank you for the care, effort and love you put into your work.
Thank you both for bringing so much joy to my little girl’s faces
Marie-Joelle June 2021


I purchased doors from you years ago for my granddaughters and they still love them today. This one I just bought is also for a granddaughter for her bday.
Love your work!

Heather May 2021


I really enjoy helping out businesses like yours. Especially when it’s so well deserved. Having people like yourself and your mum running a business is what keeps customers coming back. Thank you.
Sarah  April 2021


Thank you ladies, i really enjoy buying from you. One Happy Customer!
Jeanette March 2021


We have changed our fairy door background picture multiple times this year. Once for Christmas and again for Birthdays and the tooth fairy. And Sophia is so excited Easter is coming. So on the eve that the Easter Bunny comes, we will change the backdrop again. She honestly squeals with excitement! We love being able to change our backgrounds! xx
Anonymous April 2021


My daughter received her fairy door yesterday and is over the moon! Thank you for making a gorgeous product and for sending it so quickly!
Tracey February 2021



Thank you so much for he wonderful service and for the lovely, gentle and understanding lady I spoke on the phone to last week. Everything I ordered is so cute and packaged beautifully. I am looking forward to the fairies moving into our house! Thank you again. Highly recommended!
Dusica February 2021



Absolutely perfect! Daughter loves it… I love it !
Stacey February 2021 



Thank you so much! I received my parcel yesterday which was so fast. Im surprising my daughter on her birthday morning which isnt until March so the parcel came in plenty of time. We love love love your products and think they are amazing!!!
Sarah February 2021




Thank you so much! I received my parcel yesterday which was very fast. I am surprising my daughter on her birthday morning, so the parcel came in plenty of time. We love love love your products and think they are amazing!!! Thanks for the special gift too it will add to the surprise nicely.
Sarah January 2021



Thank you so much for the quick delivery!! My sons tooth fell out last night and the fairy door was in the mailbox early this morning – so I managed to sneak it inside for the tooth fairy to surprise him before he woke up! Amazing service!
Amy January 2021


The doors are gorgeous, I’m so excited.  I will definitely be buying more bits and pieces
Jacqui January 2021


Thank you very much! Your backgrounds are beautiful. And your customer service is outstanding & very appreciated!
Melinda January 2021


I ordered the blue fairy (Elf Door) for my son. I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with your fast and fantastic service that you and your team provided to make sure we received this in time for his birthday wish to come true! He was so happy and excited when he had seen his door, he said ‘My heart is smiling!’. Thank you again.
Naomi January 2021


I’d like to thank you every so much for your speedy delivery and for making my daughters wish come true. I spent the afternoon yesterday setting it all up and cleverly hiding it from her when she went to bed. I wanted her to believe that the fairies – whom she writes to every night – delivered it !! She was soooooo excited… she could see something in the middle of the night last night (due to the mini fairy lights that I erected). And she woke me up at 2am this morning shouting with joy! Thank you, thank you for providing such a beautiful gift to give to my daughter and for keeping magic and innocense alive !
Sian January 2021


Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the love Fairy door set I recently purchased from you. My granddaughter was delighted to receive this on her recent birthday and it is now in prime position in her bedroom, lights and all. A delightful concept!
Jan December 2020


I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with the quality of your products! Absolutely beautiful. It took me a while to decide which fairy door to purchase, as there are a few on the market but I am SO GLAD I purchased from you. I will certainly be back. Thank you
Diane December 2020


Love your products and your site! I will certainly be sharing your store with my friends and family! Thank you
Emma December 2020

We’re so looking forward to setting up our fairy door for our daughter. It’s going to be a Xmas present from Santa. She is actually going to write a letter to Santa this weekend asking for a fairy land. Can’t wait to see her reaction on Xmas day. 🙂  Ps. Love all of your fairy doors!
Annie November 2020

Ladies, thank you, I received my order today, I can’t wait to see my little granddaughter face when she sees her Christmas present, I know mine was absolutely delighted when I opened the package.
Thank you again
Jeanette November 2020

I just received my order and wow, that was quick. Thank you! My daughter is going to love it. And so well wrapped too!
Belinda  November 2020

Hi guys, I’ve just received your amazing little fairy doors today. The Christmas door and accessories are just beautiful. Can’t wait to set it up for our little girls.
Lisa November 2020


Thank you very much for the beautiful fairy door, it was delivered yesterday and is just beautiful!!!
Jade  October 2020

Perfect! Thankyou so much! I loved the note. We purchased for a friend and I’ll be ordering another for my 5 year old soon! Thank you it arrived on time and it’s perfect!
Loretta September 2020

So gorgeous! Thank you for your fabulous customer service, super quick shipping and such a beautiful product! My daughter will be so excited when she sees it on her Bday!
Naomi September 2020


I put in your fairy doors last night as my daughter lost her tooth. This morning when she woke up it created so much magic! My daughter is 7 turning 8 at the end of this year and it was so nice to see the magic still alive. Beautiful quality wooden door, so pretty. Thank you sooooooo much!
Carly August 2020


I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate such a simple but beautiful gesture to ignite a child’s imagination. As a single mum, the last two years haven’t been easy but this fairy door has brought magic to our house again and a true happiness to our hearts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for simply bringing a little magic to children’s lives.
Kylie August 2020


My sister put me on to you as she has fairy doors for her two daughters! This definitely won’t be the last you hear from me! Your products are beautiful and I’ve also downloaded your free list of 100 items that the fairy can leave as a treat – I’m crossing each one off as I do them! The freebies were a delightful surprise and so kind of you and your mum!
Jessica August 2020


My granddaughter in Kalgoorlie turned 6 yesterday and loved every item you shipped to her. Thank you so much for the gift wrap too.
Peter August 2020


Thank you ladies and thank you for continuing to stay open because it’s small businesses like yours, that truly keep this world of ours going. It might not be much to some people but this fairy door, will bring such joy to our kids. It’s the simple things in life these days and inspiring our kids imagination and inquisitive minds helps when they are stuck inside. Thank you for all you are doing during this time.
Kel  July 2020


Fantastic Australian company and products! I appreciated your help in selecting the right Fairy Door for my 3 year old grand daughter… it is wonderful – couldn’t be happier with it and the accessories I purchased as well.,,,Thank you very much
Vicki July 2020


Wow, that was super quick. Thank you very much.
Sian July 2020


I can’t thank you and your mum enough on the phenomenal work and website! My daughter is 3 and suddenly developed a fear of monsters 🙁 but, with the amazing items you have, I can definitely say with ease that her fears have melted away very quickly! Not to mention she is packing up her toys because of the secret rewards and notes, thus making my life easier!!  Thank you again and keep up the amazing work!!! X
Dani July 2020


I am always looking for unique, creative gifts & have decided to give a fairy to each of my great nieces as a gift.  I have been planning this since I started purchasing from your range.  Thank you for sharing your amazing craft.  I love it all.
Theo June 2020


Thank you so much for processing my order so quickly. The parcel has arrived here in WA and my daughter sent a pic of it with its beautiful wrapping. Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for all the care you took with such a small order.
Annette June 2020


Everything is so sweet, Thank you! I can’t wait to make some more purchases with you.
Linda June 2020


Dear Julie and Mum, Thank you for your prompt service and such a beautiful parcel. I loved all the products I had ordered. I  come from a family who loves nice things and my darling late Mother had some beautiful collections of ornamental things. Thank you for yours.
Narelle June 2020


My granddaughters absolutely love their fairy things and haven’t put them down since they received them! The smiles on their faces and their “oh, look at this” whenever they picked up something else from the sets was heart warming. I will certainly be ordering accessories soon.
Thanks heaps
Debbie June 2020


Loved the products I purchased and your customer service was excellent.
Linda June 2020


Thank you Julie! We love your little store and today I am going to order again!
JK May 2020


Hi just wanted to say Thankyou again for the beautiful products o received I have just finished putting them together for my daughter who by the way is in love!!!! Thanks for such an amazing product xxx
Stacey May 2020


Beautiful earrings and the service was second to none.  A lovely and helpful team. Thanks so much xx
Rachel May 2020


I just wanted to write and say thank you for your delivery of the fairy door – it arrived so fast! Thank you so much, little miss 4 absolutely loved it 😊
Lena May 2020


Thankyou so much and received so quickly. Your products are adorable.
Hayley May 2020


This fairy door is exactly what I was after! Thank you. Thank you!
Katrina May 2020


Loved this set. Was exactly as was shown on your website. The extra pieces I purchased were also gorgeous. My granddaughter absolutely loved everything and was so excited to receive this for Christmas.
Karen May 2020


Every single item we buy (I say we, meaning my daughter and I but I really mean me) is absolutely the way I believe a fairy item should look! Tiny, intricate details that are so lovingly made; excite and invoke imagination. I’ll never shop anywhere else.
Sote May 2020


I purchased the kit for my Grandaughter who is 8 yrs old ..And l am very aware her childhood is slipping away so quickly! I started buying the fairies, houses,etc , etc…..over the last 4 years….for when Lily visited school holidays, weekends . Finding this has been The Cherry on Top !! A big THANKYOU to you both……regards
Sharon May 2020


Received my beautiful white fairy door today. Thanks it is just lovely. Your service was impeccable and I will recommend you to everyone.
Ros April 2020


My daughter was so excited to open the package today and find such gorgeous products! So glad I found your company – great products, great prices & amazing service!
Wendy April 2020


I absolutely love the products I purchased from you. Such great quality and super cute. My kids are filled with such excitement when their fairies leave little gifts for them. The service provided is exceptional.
Colleen April 2020


Hello, I have just unwrapped my parcel.
Thank you very much! I love the way everything is wrapped.
Love ticking off gifts from your wonderful range for my little great nieces.
Theodora April 2020


THANK YOU! LOVE this shop and will definitely be a returning customer!
Jenna March 2020


We have had the Dummy Fairy through the door when it was time to collect her dummies We have had the Tooth Fairy through the door when my son lost his first tooth We have had the Sleep fairy through the door most nights to watch over Sophie and make sure that Swiper the fox does not get her in her sleep (which is a thought she has so the Fairy has come in handy )
Anonymous March 2020


Such absolutely beautiful little items. As a little girl I had every thing _fairy and I am starting to collect for my baby girl now, so she can have a collection to remember. Thank you !
Carla March 2020


The fairy door I created for my daughter two years ago is still one of our most treasured things that my daughter and I bond over, which I have your beautiful little products to thank for. I absolutely cannot wait for my new order to arrive
Samantha March 2020


Thank you ! My 6 year old has already written letters to the fairies requesting more furniture! No doubt I will be shopping again soon. I love that we are able to support a local family business. I hope you continue to create wonderful little treasures for children.
CS March 2020


Thank you for my order, your products are awesome!!!
Kylie March 2020


Very happy little niece and Aunty, definitely will recommend you to others. Thank you for the wonderful way it was packaged to arrive safely.
Kathleen July 2019


What fantastic customer service!! I really appreciate your super speedy packing and postage efforts and communication.

Miss 3 loves it!

Larissa July 2019

The Harry Potter earrings arrived today and they are fantastic, so cute! I love them.
Arani July 2019


The Fairy Mail Kit I ordered from you is incredible. Wow! Amazing detail. I couldn’t be happier and my daughter will love it.
Kezza  June 2019


I received my daughters Fairy Door, Fairy Cards and Background Pictures this morning! Everything is so beautiful! Thank you very much.
Nancy June 2019


Received my beautiful white fairy door today. Thanks it is just lovely. Your service was impeccable and I will recommend you to everyone.
Ros May 2019


These Fairy Door Backgrounds were a wonderful way to make the full impact of the tooth fairy’s very 1st visit. My daughter was in awwww…
Lisa May 2019


This is the third one I have given to my granddaughters (and a fourth will be required in another couple of years). All the girls love them, and have different ways of interacting with them. Love the product, love the service, and the whole  fairy thing.
Belle April 2019


Hi, I just read your story and wanted to wish you a long and prosperous career with this wonderful website. A few years ago I had bought 2 openingfairydoors for grand-daughters, from a maker’s market, but now needed another one. I had looked in my local toyshops but of course there was nothing so attractive in those shops, so then saw online the story of who makes them, and decided I wouldn’t settle for another brand. I was even more happy when I found you. Thank you again and I look forward to my grand-daughter receiving her fairy door that matches her sister’s.
Bev April 2019


Amazing!! Thank you so much!
Amanda April 2019


Hi Julie, thankyou very much, the girls will love these Light Up Fairy Doors, just like the other girls have. Thanks for your awesome service, greatly appreciated.
Brooke April 2019


So nice to be on the receiving end of such wonderful customer service. Highly recommend Opening Fairy Doors !
Jo March 2019

I happened to come across this website as a google search for fairy door and I’m so glad I found them. The product was as described and price and postage was very affordable. My daughter absolutely loves her Opening Fairy Door and it looks great in her room
Maria March 2019


Hi Ladies, I’ve been meaning to send this messages for ages but time got away with me. I just wanted to send an awesome big thank you for not only getting my GrandDaughter fairy birthday present to her in Tasmania on time but for the lovely extra gifts and birthday wishes.
She absolutely adores her fairy door and we look forward to expanding her FairyDom in the future 😉
Michelle February 2019


I can’t wait to see what I purchased…I mean… give it to my daughter! She turns 5 on Sunday and I know she’ll love it. Thanks again, what wonderful service
Karlie February 2019


My daughter LOVES it all! It’s all beautifully made! When she saw her fairy door gift, she said “I have been dreaming of this door my whole life!” Millie and Lillie are her fairy names, I just know there will be hours of imagination play here. Thanks for creating such a beautiful gift for children.
Venessa  January 2019

Thank you for adding to the magic in our home over Christmas! I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. The addition of the tiny fairy cards for the letterbox was inspired; she checks for fairy mail every day and delights in reading her mail!
Catherine January 2019


Our rainbow fairy door arrived yesterday & my daughter was very excited, thanks so much. This is the 2nd fairy door we have brought from you as I also bought one for my older daughter a couple of years ago. Both my girls love your fairy doors & we will be using them for all the fairies that will be visiting our house. Your product is truly beautiful, such great quality.
Bianca January 2019


Love love love this as a gift for my granddaughter for Xmas
Michelle December 2018


I just want to say thank you so very much for the lovely products!  

On the night our Christmas tree went up, I changed the background of her opening fairy door to your Christmas background and set up the Elf on the shelf with the Santa sack full of lollies at the door. To say that my daughter was excited was an understatement. She noticed the background changed and was so excited by it all. Thank you
Lisa December 2018

My four year old absolutely loves her new fairy door. Has had her eye on her big sister’s one for a while, but this one is by far the superior one – with the light up function, it’s a real hit. A great gift for little believers. Thanks
Sarah December 2018


Great Product and so cute!! Quick delivery too considering it’s xmas time!
Tusula November 2018


So fantastic and magical! Great quality, detailed pieces and accessories
Poppy November 2018


Thanks to Julie and her Mum we have this little fairy living with us, between my little girl’s bed and book shelf. This fairy helps my little Heidi through tough times, such as giving up her dummy (that’s when I first contacted Julie), learning to use the toilet… even brushing teeth isn’t a battle anymore. And the best is, our fairy stopped Heidi’s night terrors.
What a wonderful way to support little ones whilst growing up.
Again, thank you both very much!
Chris October 2018


My order arrived today, and so very pleased with all of it. Have gone back to add to my next order. I am just delighted with what you have sent me, it is just stunning. My granddaughter is going to have these for her birthday gift. We are making memories, and this is a part of it. Thank you.
Kerry October 2018


You have the most gorgeous products and super speedy service. Thank you !
Kerrie  October 2018


Thank you for such a beautiful product. I received it yesterday ready for my daughter’s birthday this weekend! I’ve been looking for a while to get her one and I am glad I chose yours. The quality is above any others I have seen. Thank you again. I will definitely be back !
Gina October 2018


thank you for bringing so much happiness, imagination, magic and love into my daughters lives!! Xxx they absolutely love being surprised by their ‘fairy friends’ with special little gifts! Makes my heart so full!

I am now starting to buy for my nieces won I know will love them just as much too!!

Thank you thank you thank you
Jess September 2018

As always it is a pleasure to write a good review for you guys.  I love the service, and of course the items, I get from Opening Fairy Doors. Have already given your business card away from the package to another lady. Have a great day guys.

Paula xx August 2018

For medical reasons we need to ween our little girl of her dummy soon. So I placed this lovely fairy door in her room in preparation. I explained to our daughter, that next Friday her fairy will move in and take the dummies. We then together read online that a fairy needs a key to be able to move in. Already, my little girl is so fascinated by the idea, that I got carried away to buy further accessories, but most importantly the key that she keeps going on about – It seems, it’s all very helpful to her, to overcome the painful step of letting go of her dummies. I am such a huge fan of your shop, your products are truly beautiful! I also read through your Blog on “The Dummy Fairy”, what a beautiful block article! … and so helpful for anxious mums like me!! Thank you for the reassurance your article provides. 

Toilet training is next on Heidi’s bucket list. What a great idea to involve her fairy friend. 

I’m so glad I found your website!
Christine August 2018

My order just arrived in the mail and everything is just as beautiful as the pictures on your website. Thanks for dispatching it so quickly and for your wonderful customer service!
Amanda July 2018


Received my order this afternoon and the stuff is just beautiful, thanks so much I shall be ordering many more items for my collection!
Lillian  July 2018

I just got back home after being away for work, to my parcel from opening fairy doors. I have to say, it is always an absolute pleasure purchasing from you. It is so easy, and I always know once my order is placed, you treat me like I am your only customer. Every order is put together so well and you always go that extra mile to make sure I have everything I ordered. That’s why I keep buying from you! Thanks again.
Catherine July 2018 


Absolutely adorable goodies! We are totally impressed with the quality and blown away with the cuteness!! Thank you also for excellent service! I love my purchase and will definitely be purchasing again. A very happy customer. Warm Regards
Ayesha July 2018

Thank you! You and your mother have set up a great business and it is an absolute pleasure shopping with you. 
Sal July 2018


I love your product. Very excited to finally find the quality product I was looking for.
Barbara June 2018


I just wanted to say that you guys are so nice, nothing is ever too hard for you even when I make an idiot out of myself. I love dealing with you and the company. My items are always perfect and delivery is so quick. I deal with a lot of companies and shops and they are nothing like you. I give you and your company 200% not 100%. Thank you for everything.
June 2018


Just recieved my order and so in love, so quick to arrive. Will definitely be purchasing more items! Thankyou
Jen  June 2018


Just a quick note to tell you that our package arrived safely and everything is completely intact – no doubt from your careful packaging. It all looks absolutely delightful and I feel like a kid again!
Many thanks
Kerry May 2018


I loved my products! And they arrived so quickly, thank you !
Amy May 2018


I just want to say a BIG thank-you to you for getting my order to me so very quickly. I just received my parcel and in time for a birthday this weekend!  I left it so late to order and you still managed to get it to me before this weekend.  I am very appreciative and thank-you.  You do an amazing job with all your fairy items and my girls love it all. Thank-you and take care.
Julie April 2018


We received your beautiful fairy door recently and our grand daughter absolutely loves it. So I have just put in an order for another one which is going to our great niece for her birthday. Thank you
Concetta April 2018


I have made several purchases from you & every one of them has been fantastic quality & had prompt delivery. I love to give credit where credit is due. It’s so rare these days, to receive such great service. Its a pleasant surprise when you come across it ?
Sophia April 2018


My daughter loves her Fairy, whom she named ‘Frangestca’. We are always adding the little things I buy hehe – I’ve got a whole stash. Her face lights up when there’s something new there. She gasped and was so excited when she saw all the little Easter items I set up outside her fairy door. Thank you for having such wonderful little fairy treasures! Cheers,
Shana April 2018


Hi Julie, With great excitement, issy’s fair door arrived today! It is just beautiful! But what was really exciting was the personal note from the fairies and the extra special butterflies ? !! Thank you so very much!!! Such a beautiful thing you have done. You have made Issy’s day! Thank you so much
Mel March 2018


With thanks to all your beautiful products and fantastic service! Xxx
Cere March 2018


I SO enjoy browsing through your website, I absolutely love your products
Zoe February 2018


I’ve emailed some photos of my daughters beautiful rainbow opening fairy door I bought last week. She absolutely loves it!
Brianni February 2018


My 2.5-year-old daughter squealed with delight when I gave her this Opening Fairy Door. She looks toward it in the mornings to see if the Fairy has left the door open (which she occasionally does). The Fairy dust has also come in handy for convincing her that the Fairies have visited.
Anonymous February 2018


Thankyou XX Sophie and I both love our Opening Fairy Door.
February 2018


We are in our love with our fairy door. This has created some very special memories and I thank you all for your hard work x
Aleisha January 2018


I received my package today and I must say I am so impressed with your beautiful products. They are absolutely gorgeous.
Anna January 2018


I just wanted to say how much I love you guys for your ideas for little ones. I am inspired to create bigger, better and more creative things for my “grandchildren”. As I have none of my own, my friend’s grandchildren call me ‘Nona’, I love that and as such I want to make my home a little haven for them to play and use their imaginations to the fullest. I am in the process of creating my third area, so will be checking out what I need to get next. 🙂 Once again, thank you so very much.
Paula January 2017


I love your product! Your fairy doors are such great quality with so much attention to detail! My 2 daughters absolutely love their fairy door so much!
Teagan  December 2017


Fantastic! I absolutely love our glitter fairy door. It is very well built, a beautiful paint job and it arrived quickly. Thanks so much!! I definitely will recommend you!
Aleisha December 2017


So amazed at the detail. After ordering from you, I guess I was a little bit concerned about the detail and quality, however, how wrong was I to be even remotely concerned. They are so super-duper cute. I originally bought two as a gift …. but I am keeping one now:) And your company is so super quick with your orders, that you blink and it arrived.
Paula December 2017


My order is perfect and it arrived just as described
December 2017


Thank you! I bought your opening fairy door for my nearly 3 year old granddaughter who loves fairies and looking through fairy doors….  and she loves it!
Susan December 2017


I love it !!   Such great value
Anonymous November 2017


I bought these as Christmas presents for 2 little girls and I already know they’re going to love them! Thank you for the speedy delivery as well! Love them! 
Anonymous November 2017


Fastest Delivery ever! I am very happy with our products and can’t wait for my daughter to open. And it was super fast delivery! Couldn’t believe it came so soon after ordering.
Renee November 2017


This is awesome! I cant wait to see my little girls face on christmas day.
Sally November 2017


I am a very Happy Customer!!! Very very happy, my little Grandaughter will love it
Tina November 2017


Beautiful product.  Cant wait for my granddaughter to open it at Christmas she will be very excited
Tracey November 2017


I bought it for my niece for Christmas. She’s only 4 but her mum is going to put it up on Christmas Eve so the fairies will have arrived by Christmas Day! I’m sure she’ll love it. The door and accessories are gorgeous!
November 2017


Beautiful fairy door so happy with my purchase.
Anonymous November 2017


i actually haven’t opened my elf door yet. this is a Chrissy pressie i bought for myself 🙂 I had it delivered to someone else to wrap & put under the tree for me. I am a big kid at heart… who has an 8 month old grandson – thank you
B.B November 2017


I am extremely happy with my products and delivery was speedy. Thank you!
Michelle November 2017


Such fantastic customer service and excellent products. I am yet to give the fairy doors to my girls as they are Xmas presents, but I can guarantee they will love them. Great quality and Australian made. Such lovely people to deal with.
Julie K. November 2017


This is the second fairy door I have purchased. My little girl and niece love their fairy doors. My little girl just had to have one as soon as she saw the one we bought for her cousin.
Anonymous November 2017


I purchased 5 Fairy doors for my daughter and nieces, as Christmas gifts. They arrived super quick and were packaged really well. The doors look absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to gift them to my daughter and nieces fir Christmas.
Kelly November 2017


I bought it for my niece for Christmas. She’s only 4 but her mum is going to put it up on Christmas Eve so the fairies will have arrived by Christmas Day! I’m sure she’ll love it. The door and accessories are gorgeous!
Jess November 2017


Perfect ! Bought these as Birthday Presents and the kids LOVE them!
Tanya November 2017


Beautiful fairy door so happy with my purchase
November 2017


My Daughter absolutely LOVES all the fairy products that I brought from you!
Michelle November 2017


Yesterday I received my order from Opening Fairy Doors! I only ordered it two days ago. So it was a very speedy postage! My husband & I are so pleased with the quality of the door. We have bought a fairy door before from another company but it was not like this one! The attention to detail on the door is perfection. We cannot wait to give it to our daughter on her 2nd birthday! Thanks again Julie! ”
Elise November 2017

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for yet another beautiful order received. Always efficient and accommodating. You make shopping with you so easy and hassle free. I have been adding to the fairy house for  for my grand children and have created a fairy village. All inspired by the beautiful items you sell at Opening Fairy doors, of course. Thank you Julie and mum for all your hard work in putting together a truely magical business, loved by young and old. All the very best until next order lol. Xxx
Catherine November 2017


Hi Ladies, just letting you know that all the products that I purchased were Devine! Tayah and I have loved our fairy play and she loves waking up in the morning and finding the fairy’s have left her a little gift.. I will be telling all my mummy friends about your beautiful products and such quick arrival. Thank you ladies! As a fellow mum in business you should be very proud!!
Andrea X October 2017


My daughter loved the “Bag of Treats from” only downside was i ordered 2 packs and both packs had the same fairy in them. Would have preferred 2 different ones as most other things in the packs were different. October 2017

Lucy will be so surprised with the Christmas door in December when she wakes up to find it under the Christmas tree all set up.
Corrina October 2017


Such absolutely beautiful little items. As a little girl I had every thing _fairy and I am starting to collect for my baby girl now, so she can have a collection to remember. Thank you !
Carla October 2017


You’ve exceeded my expectations!! Yes! My daughter loves her fairy door set and has been happily playing imaginatively with her fairies each day. No more nagging to get off the iPad, which has been so lovely. The fairies are beautiful and the fairy door has brought such joy to our house.
Meg September 2017


Good morning. I recieved my parcel about half an hour ago. WOW its awesome. U put a note on my receipt that u hope who ever I purchased it for loves it. Well I do! The quality is remarkable, so thrilled with it!
Sue September 2017


Just opened my order and I love it! So pretty, my daughter is going to love it.
Alicia September 2017


Thanks for your oh so prompt replies to my emails! My order arrived today which is for my granddaughter who will be turning 7 and adores little things. I just know that she will be captivated by the treasures, as am I! Many thanks for making such gorgeous goodies so easily accessible.
Judith September 2017


I recently purchased a fairy door set from you and which my daughter absolutely loves. I also joined your Fairy newsletter list and thus received your free Paper Fairy Dolls to download. My daughter is really enjoying ‘dressing the fairy’ and playing with her with her fairy door. To the point that she has worn her out… and I need to print another one! Thank you for this wonderful idea !
Natasha September 2017


Such a lovely fairy door. I bought this for my daughter who loves blue and she will be so excited when she sees it. Thank you
Anonymous September 2017


My daughter is unbelievably excited about receiving an opening fairy door for her birthday! Her favourite colour is yellow and she has been asking for a fairy door that opens, non stop for months. She is nearly popping with excitement! I will definitely be back for more items in the future and I will be spreading the word about your wonderful service and gorgeous products. Thank you again – you have a very happy customer.
Lucy September 2017


I received my order yesterday which I only placed a few days ago! And it is gorgeous! Thank you so very much. We will be sure to send you a picture once weve set everything up! Will definitely be back to purchase again in the near future.
Shena August 2017


Im sure you’re run off your feet and don’t remember a little customer like me. I brought your door set and asked if it could be sent out within 3days because it was my niece’s birthday. Well guys THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! It was received on her birthday (absolute perfect timing). That’s one more little girl who now believes in magic, I guess I do too! Thank you again
Jen August 2017


My order arrived on Friday and I can’t stop looking at it! I am still in awe. What a wonderful product – I can’t fault the workmanship on anything I purchased !! I don’t even have kids, I ordered this for myself !! I am a 53 year old ‘big kid’… and you have made me very happy! This fat old fairy will be spending the day (with wine later on!) having a laugh at what I’ve just bought! Thank you… Don’t stop what you’re doing, it’s not just the kiddies you are making happy !
Shaz August 2017


The fairy door is beautiful thank you very much, it is Violet’s birthday on 23rd so she hasn’t received it yet but I know she will love it. All the best
Bryony August 2017


The tooth fairy secretly delivered a Beautiful fairy door to my very excited daughter. Thankyou for the magic!
Christine August 2017


Thank you for your helpful emails. I love my purchase. Your products and Your service is amazing!
Ali August 2017


Hi guys, Our little girl loved the fairy door! We’ve even used the fairy door and the fairy to help incentivise her going to bed and if she does so with no fuss then the fairy leaves her a sticker on a chart and if she gets a certain amount she gets a surprise from the fairy. It’s been a real positive reinforcement and a fun activity for us as a family. We exchange letters with the fairy and every now and then we add a trinket or two to show that the fairy has been and gone. And she tells everyone about her fairy. Every person she meets in fact 🙂 It’s a lovely idea and I only wish I knew about it when my niece was little. I need to up my stock though I think lol Cheers,
Shana August 2017


Thanks so much for such a beautiful product, i brought 2 for my girls and they absolutely love them. I am now purchasing one for my niece, and will be purchasing more in future. Just beautiful. Thank you
Anna August 2017

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