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Wooden Door Plaque – Genius at Work

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Our Wooden Door Plaque Genius at Work has been hand made in Australia by Opening Fairy Doors.

A plaque that has been made from 3mm thick wood and decorated with miniature accessories to create a fun theme … something that is uniquely different to anything in the stores!

A great little gift for that “budding scientist” in your home, or someone who loves to experiment.

This Plaque is decorated with lots of tiny miniature items that you would find in a laboratory, such as test tubes, bottles of potions, certificates, documents and a pile of books, …. all attached onto a little shelf, with a blue satin ribbon to hang on the wall.

It measures 12.5cm long x 10cm high.

This plaque is an original, no 2 the same and it’s been designed by Opening Fairy Doors.

As we are Closing down, GRAB A BARGAIN! Once this is gone, it is gone….. never to be made again! 

Due to its fragility, we are packaging our Plaques as best we can to protect during transit including lots of padding packaging and inside a rigid cardboard box. But even though we are doing everything possible to try and ensure its safe arrival to you, in the rare event this Plaque does arrive with something coming unstuck, we ask if you could please stick the small piece back on – we recommend using a strong glue such as ‘No More Nails’ or ‘Super Glue” or a Hot Glue gun.

Adult supervision for younger children


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Dimensions 13 × 12 × 15 cm

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