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Every Aussie fairy LOVES Vegemite !

There is probably not a more famous iconic Aussie brand than Vegemite and this is a fairy-sized version!

This tiny jar is a scaled down miniature replica of a real Vegemite jar and has been recreated and handmade by Opening Fairy Doors.

It is made from wood so it is solid and won’t crush and features a vibrant, detailed and authentic label

It measures approx 1.4cm high

We also have other iconic products available in fairy sized replicas including Tim Tams, Milo and Cheezels…. and we also have an “Aussie Brands Pack of 5

CHOKING HAZARD: NOT suitable for young children without adult supervision

(The other accessories in the photos are not included)

PS… DOES NOT include actual food inside


Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 cm

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