Purple Removable Wall Background - Opening Fairy Doors

Purple Removable Wall Background

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This Purple Removable Wall Background is perfect for decorating the wall behind your fairy door.

It is a self adhesive background scene that you peel from it’s paper backing and press onto your wall (or display box).

The whole scene is in 1 piece, so it can be peeled off and applied in one go.

The picture has a transparent background, so when you peel it off the backing paper and press it onto your wall, all you see is the pretty fence, purple flowers and butterflies. 

AND the great thing is it’s REMOVABLE, so the whole background picture can be removed from your wall (or display box) by gently peeling it off and pressing it back onto the white paper backing that it originally was on (so you can keep it).

It measures 46cm long x 18cm high

How to Apply

  1. Starting at one side, slowly peel off one small section of the backing paper, 
  2. Press this edge onto the wall.
  3. And then slowly keep pressing the picture onto the wall as you peel the backing off. We found using the edge of a RULER to slide across the picture as you go, to flatten it as you apply it, really helps. (This minimises any air bubbles) 

If you do get air bubbles along the way, use the edge of the ruler to scrape the air bubble towards the edge of the background, to try and move the air bubble out. (You could also prick the bubble gently with a pin and press the air out).

HELPFUL TIP:   Use a hair dryer to gently warm the background as you apply it (you will need a third pair of hands to do this). This makes applying the background to the wall much easier, especially in cold weather.  

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