Purple Glitter Fairy Mailbox


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Handmade in Australia
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Our Purple Glitter Fairy Mailbox is designed and hand made in Australia

It is sealed with undercoat and top coated with a soft purple / mauve lead-free paint and then covered in ultra sparkly glitter which has been seal to prevent flaking.

Our Purple Glitter Fairy Mailbox also matches our Purple Glitter Opening Fairy Door. It is also included as part of our Purple Glitter Starter Set)

Our Purple Glitter Fairy Mailbox features:

  • Silver embellishments on the front corners
  • A slot on the front to insert your fairy mail
  • An open top to easily receive the letters the fairies and elves send to you.

Measures: 7cm high x 5cm wide x 2cm deep.

We recommend attaching it to the wall with blu-tac (not included) which makes it easy to remove without damage. Simply place a small blob of blu-tac on each back corner and press on to the wall.

We also have Rainbow Fairy Letters and Fairy Cards available to send your fairy a message. Once you’ve written your little letter, place it in your Mailbox and your secret fairy friends will receive it! Then watch, as they may write back to you!

(The other accessories in the photo are sold separately)

Adult supervision for younger children

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 10 cm

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