Pink GLITTER Opening Fairy Door Starter Set


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Our Pink Glitter Opening Fairy Door Starter Set, includes everything you need to start a fairy door set – everything matches and the door OPENS

Handcrafted, hand painted and packaged in Australia

Covered in pretty bright pink glitter to sparkle on your wall !

The uniquely special feature of an Opening Fairy Door is …. it opens! So when placed on a wall or shelf, the door is still able to OPEN OUTWARDS and close, just like a real door should.

We are a proud Australian family business and we have hand crafted, hand painted and packaged this fairy door in our workshop in Melbourne. As such it has all the natural texture of hand-painted timber with the attention to detail and quality that hand-crafted items have and it comes beautifully boxed, ready to give!

Our Pink Glitter Opening Fairy Door Starter Set includes:

1 Pink Glitter Opening Fairy Door handcrafted from wood, sealed with undercoat to protect the timber and top coated with lead-free paint. The front of the door is covered in bright pink glitter which has been sealed to prevent the sparkles from falling off.

The fairy door measures approximately 20.5cm high x 13.5cm wide (at the widest point).

It includes our “Enchanted Path” Background picture, which is REMOVABLE. The picture is inserted into a custom built panel on the back of the fairy door which enables the picture to slide in and out from the top. This design also means you can change the background scene from time to time. 

1 Pink Glitter Mailbox: hand made and hand painted to match the fairy door and it features:
– decorative silver embellishments in the front corners
– a tiny slot on the front to insert your letters to the fairies
– an open top to easily receive the letters the fairies send to you.
Measures 7cm high x 5cm wide x 2cm deep.

1 White Window: hand made and hand painted
The window also includes our “Enchanted Path” Background picture which matches the Background in the fairy door. This background is REMOVABLE and is inserted into a custom built panel on the back, which enables the picture to slide in and out from the top.

Measures 6cm x 6cm

2 piece White Picket Fence: Put the finishing touch on your fairy door set by adding a little white picket fence each side.
Each piece measures approximately 5cm high x 9cm long. Made from timber

1 jar of Fairy Dust (in a small screw top, clear acrylic jar – perfect for smaller fingers)

1 Fairy Certificate (for your child to complete and keep)

1 Tiny Gold Fairy Key (CHOKING HAZARD – is not suitable for young children without adult supervision)

1 Information Sheet

We recommend attaching this Pink Glitter Opening Fairy Door Starter Set onto a wall, shelf or cupboard with Blu-Tac (not included), which makes it easier to remove without damage. If you prefer a more permanent method, we suggest using double sided mounting tape or 3M Mounting Strips (not included).

We also have the Pink Glitter Opening Fairy Door, Pink Glitter Mailbox,  White Fairy window and White Fairy Door Fence available separately

We also have a set of removable “Fairy Door Background Pictures” and “Special Occasions Background Pictures” available separately. These are packs of 3 background pictures so your child can change their backdrop scene from time to time. 

We have LOTS of ideas for your fairy door in our Fairy Blog, such as:

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(The other accessories in the photo’s are for ideas only and are not included).

PLEASE NOTE – This is NOT A TOY and needs to be handled gently. Adult supervision for young children





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