Our Story

“We are NOT just about a toy on a wall, but an opening doorway to

imaginative play … where magical memories are made”.

Welcome to the Magical World of Opening Fairy Doors.

Opening Fairy Doors help fairies find their way into homes, by producing beautiful Australian, handcrafted, timber fairy doors that OPEN. But more than that we are about providing children with beautiful, safe, unique and magical products that encourage hands-on play and inspire their imaginations. In an age when children can spend hours in front of electronic devices, computers & TVs, we instead offer “good old-fashioned quality products” that inspire hands-on, interactive play and encourage story-telling and creative make-believe.

We have the best business partnership in the world – a mum and daughter team. (And even after over 18 years in business together, mum is still my best friend!)

Mum & I started our family business in 1998 building dollshouses in our living room. Each year we attended different Expos, Gift Fairs and National Collectors Fairs and then in 2011, we began to notice that children were more intrigued with the doors on our dollshouses than on the dollhouses themselves. This started us thinking!

We began to design and develop just a door and introduced these onto our dollshouse site. They completely outsold our dollshouse products! So by 2012 we had diversified into crafting just doors ….. beautiful little doors … little doors that do what a door should do – OPEN and CLOSE – and “Opening Fairy Doors” was born.

We are very proud that we are the original creators of the Opening Fairy Door, which are now shipped all across Australia.  We are also very proud that we are completely Australian owned and operated, having built our little company from our dining room table to where it is now!

Mum & I are the faces behind our brand! The ones who personally make, paint and package each of our timber Opening Fairy Doors; we personally process every order and answer every email & phone call.

We love what we do because we have an amazing product that is making children happy all across Australia. We love what we do because we have amazing customers who come back again and again because they appreciate beautiful products with good old-fashioned service.