Invite a Fairy Over

How do you invite a fairy over?

Open a Fairy Door …

What a magical thing to invite a fairy into your home through a tiny opening door. And our fairy doors actually do OPEN – just like a real door should – which creates a magical doorway through which fairies can enter and make their home with you.

We are a mother and daughter team and we have individually hand crafted each of our timber fairy doors. Every piece of timber; each coat of paint and every decorative feature has been carefully crafted. And as such, the quality, attention to detail and workmanship has caused our “Opening Fairy Doors” brand to become one of the most popular fairy door brands on the market today.

Encourage your little one to open a fairy door, peak inside and let their imaginations run free!

Children love stories and an Opening Fairy Door is the perfect gift to inspire them to create their own story, where magical adventures await and where they are the hero and the princess in their own fairy tale !

Love the little bit of magic your beautiful fairy doors bring into our house. Now I can give Grandma’s house a little bit of fairy magic too! Thank you.

A Williams

June 2016