What is an Opening Fairy Door?

A Fairy Door is a tiny door that you put on a wall, shelf or cupboard, to create a doorway into a magical world of make-believe and fantasy – a doorway for fairies to enter.

An opening fairy door is a fairy door that actually opens outwards. When it is attached to the wall, the door is still able to open and close - an opening doorway to endless imaginative play! (Most fairy doors on the market do not open outwards, so when they are placed on a wall, the door remains closed.)

Why Should I have a Fairy Door?

Fairy doors draw your child into a wondrous world of imagination and possibility. They inspire a child’s creativity, nurtures their imagination and creates special childhood memories.

They are also a great way for parents to interact by secretly leaving little notes, gifts and treats "from the fairies"... to keep the 'magic' alive. Which in turn can also encourage positive behaviour and assist through difficult times.

Where do I put my Opening Fairy Door?

The most popular place to put your fairy door is on a wall – normally just above the skirting board. Other places include on a shelf, a dressing table, a bench or cupboard. A lot of our customers also place them in display or shadow boxes. Once your fairy door is attached, the fairies know, and they will visit!

How do I attach my Fairy Door?

We suggest you attach your fairy door with blu-tac, so it can be easily moved when needed. Or if you prefer something more permanent, 3M double sided sticky foam mounting pads are great.

What is included with my Opening Fairy Door?

Every Opening Fairy Door purchased from us includes the background scene, a jar of fairy dust, a tiny fairy door key and a Fairy Certificate! So the magic begins as soon as your child opens the box!

Refunds, Replacements and Returns

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BE GENTLE with your Fairy Door

Fairy Doors need to be handled gently. Your fairy door contains small pieces and movable parts, which can be dislodged or broken by being rough.


Our Fairy Doors and accessories are NOT suitable for children under 5 years without adult supervision 

Please note... we ONLY ship within Australia

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