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Colour coordinate your fairy door

Colour coordinate your fairy door

Did you Know Fairy’s Have Different Personalities?

Did you know that the colour of your fairy’s door matches her personality?


Every fairy has a different personality which is reflected in their magical abilities and in the fairy home they like to live in !

If you have a Pink fairy door, your fairy will love pretty trinkets, satin ribbons & bows and anything that sparkles. She’s the one who makes sure the stars sparkle in the night sky!

To make your fairy feel right at home with her Pink Fairy Door, add some pink sparkle mushrooms each side of her door, a pot of pink flowers on her doorstep and some pink butterflies on the wall….

pink fairy petal

If your fairy door is Yellow, your fairy will love nature, flowers, beetles, bugs and birds. She is the one  who designs all the beautiful flowers in the garden.

Sit a ladybug on her fence, sunflowers beside her fairy door, a blue bird and create her own fairy garden with a grass mat in front of her door!

A yellow opening fairy door starter set with a yellow fairy mailbox, yellow fairy window and white fairy stairs

If a Purple fairy door has arrived at your home, your fairy will love music, dancing and singing ! She is the fairy who inspires happy songs in children’s hearts!

Add a pretty purple fairy friend, a rocking chair for your fairy to relax and enjoy her music and some purple butterflies on her wall

A purple opening fairy door starter set decorated with purple fairy accessories

If your fairy door is Blue, your fairy loves making things, drawing and painting the most beautiful pictures. She is the one who paints the sky the most beautiful blue on sunny days!

Add a comfy lounge chair for your fairy to sit in to draw and paint her pictures, add a working Lamp Post so she can see clearly and some fairy pets to keep her company.

How to colour coordinate your fairy door

And if your fairy door is a sparkly Rainbow one, your fairy is the most creative of all, she loves to splash colour everywhere! The beautiful designs on butterfly wings, the colours on flower petals and the beautiful rainbows in the sky after the rain

Add lots of colour to her fairy door! With bushes, flower pots, butterflies and even a removable fairy garden background wall sticker

A rainbow glitter opening fairy door starter set on a wall and decorated with lots of fairy accessories

To help you colour coordinate your fairy door, we have created some beautiful 3D Butterflies to download and make.

colour coordinate your fairy door with our 3d butterflies

Download 3D Butterflies Here


Print in colour on an A4 sheet

Carefully cut out the colours you want

Glue 1 small butterfly on top of 1 large butterfly by placing a small strip of glue underneath the middle body part only.

Bend the wings up

Blu-Tac to your wall near your fairy door !

Colour coordinate your fairy door with DIY 3D Butterflies




When my children were little, I tried to think of ways I could make memories while they are young.

Little things I could do to include special moments….

Easy and inexpensive things like …..

  • Hiding a surprise treat in their lunch box

Make memories while they are young. Banana with a Smile, I Love You message on it


  • or having a plate of healthy snacks ready for when they got home from school,

Make memories while they are young. Strawberry Smoothie in a glass


or surprising them with things like a racetrack I’d made on the kitchen table out of Lego and Matchbox cars or a Cubby House I’d made over their beds with a Sheet and fairy lights.

Make Memories while they are young. Fort for kids made from a sheet


I tried to create special childhood memories that they could look back on fondly when they had grown.


Creating a fairy door play space with your child and engaging with them through it, will create beautiful childhood memories.

Make memories while they are young with an opening fairy door decorated set


It doesn’t need a lot of time, just simple things:

like hiding a secret fairy note in their lunchbox to encourage;

leaving a little “gift from the fairies” outside their fairy door when they wake in the morning (like a flower, a shell, a ribbon);

or surprising them after school with a small trinket they can add to their fairyland (like a fairy tea cup, a fairy book or a key)… “from the fairies”.

Click on the link below to Download our Free Fairy Cards, to leave some surprises for your child … “from the fairies” !

Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Cards

Make Memories While They Are Young



How to tell if a fairy has visited you.

Fairies are shy, gentle creatures, who are easily frightened away. Which is why they visit at night time when we’re asleep. But if they feel welcome and safe, fairies will make themselves at home in your room and even spend night time playing near their fairy door and watching over you.

Fairies are always thinking of clever ways to let us know they are near and we have listed just a few below.

So, How to tell if a fairy has visited you ….

How to tell if a fairy has visited you? A Fairy smells like straweberriesing on top of a strawberry

When you suddenly smell something sweet.

Fairies smell sweet, so if you suddenly notice the smell of something like flowers, strawberries, honey ….  know that a fairy is nearby.

How to tell is a fairy has visited you? Birds singing in the trees

When you hear birds nearby suddenly start to sing when you’re walking past, know that they are talking to the fairies around you.


How to tell if a fairy has visited you? Flowers begin growing outside your house

Know that a fairy is living near when You notice flowers begin to grow close to your home, even though you didn’t plant any of them. Fairies will often make their presence known by blowing flower seeds your way – especially dandelions… fairies love dandelions.


How to tell if a fairy has visited you? A tickle on your cheek is a fairy kiss

When you feel a tickle on your cheek, this is a fairy kiss.


How to tell if a fairy has visited you? Your pet starts playing

If your pet suddenly starts playing, running and jumping about. Often its the fairies playing with them.


How to tell if a fairy has visited you? Bumps in the night is a fairy playing

Night time when you’re asleep is when fairies love to play.

So if you hear little taps, bumps and scratches at night, know that it’s your fairy having a great time playing in your room.

How to tell if a fairy has visited you? Fairies come out to play at night

When you wake up in the morning and notice some things have moved in your room – like little toys, pencils, clips, ribbons & bows, know that your fairy has been using these during the night.

How to tell if a fairy has visited you? A trail of fairy dust

And of course, how to tell if a fairy has visited you …. a trail of fairy dust is always seen … where a fairy has been!


A blue fairy flying through trees with gold fairy dust all around

Fairies are shy little creatures, who are easily scared away…

So the question is, how to make a fairy feel welcome  ?

Fairies are tiny, magical beings who look like humans but are only about a few cm tall. They are very beautiful and delicate creatures, with shimmery wings, which leave a trail of sparkly fairy dust wherever they fly.

It is said that fairies have been around for thousands of years and come from a place that cannot be seen by humans. They are known to be very shy but they love to visit humans and they will eventually create a home with you when they feel welcome and safe.

They especially love children and prefer to live as near to you as they can, so they can keep watch over you through the night. That’s why fairies love to set up their fairy doors in your bedroom.

The exciting thing is that when they have moved into your home, they love to leave little hints that they have visited, they enjoy speaking to you through little notes and they often little gifts and treats to let you know you’re special!

How to make a fairy feel welcome ?

A Pink Opening Fairy Door Set decorated with tiny fairy accessories

 Create a comfortable home for your fairy!

Making your fairy feel comfortable and welcome is a sure way for her to stay.

An easy way to to do this is by decorating her fairy door with little homely touches. Including little fairy sized accessories like a cute picket fence beside her door, a set of stairs to give her a quick ‘step-up’ or a table & chairs with a tiny tea set so she can relax over a cuppa when she visits.

But her favourite item is a mailbox, so it’s easy for her to send you little notes and receive the ones you send to her.


A white opening fairy door starter set decorated with a little fairy garden

Fairies love nature!

So don’t be surprised if a pretty fairy garden begins to grow outside her fairy door!

When a fairy moves in to your home, they are known to bring tiny objects from time to time to create their own homely space.

Things like a grassy patch on the floor, with a flower and mushroom might appear one day. Then you might start noticing her little garden tools that she brings to keep her garden tidy – a broom resting on the stairs, a bucket and a watering can near her flowers, a rake on the grass and a pair of gum boots lying on the ground where she has taken them off.



A cartoon of a messy bedroom

Fairies don’t like mess or untidy places!

So always remember that keeping your room tidy and clean will help your fairy enjoy being in there.



Fairies don't like noise

Fairies don’t like loud noise

So being kind and friendly to others and gentle with all of your things will help your fairy feel safe.


Sleeping Fairy

Fairies love children!

So if you have invited a fairy to visit you, she will.

You won’t see her but you may notice she has been there by the little hints she leaves.

That tickle on your cheek at night, may be your fairy giving you a goodnight kiss. That little flutter near your ear, could be her flying past.… just look for the signs that she is near.

How to tell if a fairy has visited you ?

There are many other ways that a fairy will try to let try you know she is near… so be careful to notice all the little things that you feel, hear or see as you go about your day.



Two pretty Fairy Candle lights made from a glass and colourful straws with an LED Battery Tea Light candle inside

It’s easy and beautiful !

To make a DIY Fairy Candle Light, you will need:

  • 1 Clear Plastic Cup (Glass cup only for older children)
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Packet of coloured Plastic Drinking Straws
  • 1 LED Battery Tea Light
  • Scissors

What to do:

Cut a length of the double sided sticky tape to fit around the top of the cup. Remove one side of the tape and stick the tape to the top of the cup.

Sticking double sided tape around a cup to make a DIY Fairy Candle Light

Then carefully remove the other side of the backing paper from the tape, so it is sticky

Sticking double sided tape around a cup to make a DIY Fairy Candle Light

Take some straws and press one at a time onto the stick tape in a line around the cup

Sticking coloured drinking straws around a cup to make a DIY Fairy Candle Light

Get a parent to trim the straws to the level of the cup

Trimming coloured drinking straws around a cup to make a DIY Fairy Candle Light

Continue to press and trim more straws around the cup until it is covered

Sticking coloured drinking straws around a cup to make a DIY Fairy Candle Light

Turn on the LED Tea Light Candle and put it into the cup

Putting an LED Tea Light Candle into a colourful DIY Fairy Candle Light

Magical Fairy Light !!

How to make an LED Fairy Candle Light

You can place your Fairy Candle Light on your dressing table as a pretty night light or beside your Fairy Door for your fairy to see !

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