Create a Magical Space

There is a fairy waiting to step through your door and create magical memories!

If you are new to the world of fairies, follow our “fairy-step by fairy-step” guide to invite them into your home:

Step 1

Fairies aren’t just at the bottom of your garden. They are waiting to enter your home and find that special someone to be their secret friend. An Opening Fairy Door provides the perfect entry for that little fairy.

Creating a fun and interactive Fairy Door playspace will trigger your childs inbuilt creativity and imagination which will take them on wonderful adventures through fairy worlds only they can see, with friends only they know.

Step 2

It’s easy to encourage a fairy to visit your home. Little things like creating a welcoming playspace with some fun fairy homely touches – a mailbox to receive secret message; a window for peeking through; a doormat for wiping tiny fairy feet.


Delightful fairy gardens can be decorated with mushrooms, flowers and fairy sized pets to cuddle. Tiny tea sets, furniture and garden tools bring your enchanting fairy door to life for your child and create an irresistible home for a fairy to love.

Step 3

Fairy tale adventures are only limited by your childs imagination. Encouraging your child to create their own fairy world will inspire many wonderful stories of make-believe.

Helping your child create their own magical fairy setting is a beautiful way for you to engage with your child and helps your child develop many positive attributes. In our Fairy Journal, we share lots of creative  ideas and interesting information that will inspire hours of fairy fun together.