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Fairy Home Picnic

The sun is shining and the days are warmer, so how about we enjoy a Fairy Home Picnic outside your fairy door? And it’s easy to create, especially with our FREE Picnic Template to print. So, here’s how to create a fun, family, Fairy Home Picnic Setting Print our FREE Fairy Home Picnic Basket and…

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Fairy Home Baking

With all this time at home, the fairies are enjoying time in the kitchen with plenty of Fairy Home Baking. And we have designed some special FREE baking templates to add the magic baking touch to your fairy door scene. Fairies love baking and they are great cooks! They can make a mess though but…

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Fairy Home Celebrations

Even though big celebrations together aren’t possible at the moment, we can still celebrate at home and enjoy Fairy Home Celebrations! Especially when you can decorate your fairy door with these special party decorations. This week we have designed more FREE templates for you to download and print. These printable cut-outs even include fairy sized…

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Fairy Home Shopping

Even the fairies are doing a little fairy home shopping during this time of isolation. With our FREE template, you can make this shopping bag full of tiny groceries. With lots of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are enjoying a spot of online shopping. And occasionally have their groceries delivered to…

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Fairy Home Fun

Decorate your fairy door with the cutest little Fairy Home Fun games and activities for your fairies to play with. Because with plenty of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are looking for fun things to do We show you how to decorate a fairy door for a fun time at home…

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Fairy Home Cleaning

With plenty of time at home at the moment, even the fairies are busy fairy home cleaning. We even have FREE prints to help create this fun scene. Fairies are industrious little creatures who are never ones to waste time or be bored. And just like us, they enjoy tinkering with odd jobs and fix…

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Fairy Movie Night

For fellow Aussies like myself who are isolated at home at the moment, here’s another magical fairy door idea for your children to enjoy, a Fairy movie Night. We may not be able to be out and about but there’s no reason we can’t bring ‘out and about activities’ home. As we’ve mentioned before, the…

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How to Make Fairy Pencils

Last week we saw how to create a Fairy School theme for your fairy door and this week we show how to make fairy pencils! These gorgeous miniature pencils are made from toothpicks and are so easy to make. They are perfect to add to your fairy school setting. Items you Need Toothpick Scissors Pink…

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