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Fairy Marshmallows

Add a touch of fun to your fairy garden by making the cutest little Fairy Marshmallows over a tiny fairy fire pit. Imagine your child finding this tiny fairy fire pit with teeny weeny roasted marshmallows, hidden in a fairy garden. The sense of wonder it would inspire! Some of the cutest ideas for a…

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Fairy Picnic Bindle

Continuing with our Fairy Picnic theme, this week we’re showing you how to make a Fairy Picnic Bindle.

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Fairy Garden Picnic Table

In this weeks blog, we’ll share a great idea to make a quick and easy Fairy Garden Picnic Table from popsicle sticks.

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Spring Fairy Picnic

The days are longer, the sun is warmer and the skies are bluer, spring Fairy Picnic time! 

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