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How to Choose a Fairy Name

How to Choose a Fairy Name. It is a wonderful day when you welcome a fairy into your home. And then comes the fun task of choosing a name for her. Sometimes, a name can pop into your head but at other times it can take a while to think of the perfect one. Memories…

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How to Grow Some Magical Fairy Easter Eggs

This Easter we will show you how to grow some Magical Fairy Easter Eggs outside your Childs fairy door.

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Afraid of the Dark

Night time and a vivid imagination, can often cause children to be afraid of the dark. Read below for how fairies can help your child feel safe.

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Fairy Donut Box

Who doesn’t love donuts… well fairies do too and we have a terrific miniature Fairy Donut Box to download FREE. We even have the donuts available to fill it with!

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How to Say Goodbye to a Fairy

This week we received a question from a customer¬†asking for some tips and ideas on how to say goodbye to a fairy, a question we have never been asked before. And below is our “creative” answer…

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