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5 Minute Princess Castle Cake

Want a birthday cake that costs less than $20, takes 5 minutes to make and looks AMAZING, then this 5 Minute Princess Castle Cake is PERFECT! If you’re like me and don’t have the time or the talent to create elaborate cakes, the when I came across this 5 minutes Princess Castle Cake got my…

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How to Create a Birthday Theme for your Fairy Door

Fairies love to be included in birthday celebrations and we'll show you how to create a birthday theme for your fairy door. If you have a birthday coming up in your home, surprise your child by decorating their fairy door in a fairy happy birthday theme. This is such a fun way to include your...

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How to Make a Surprise Money Cake

What an incredible surprise to unfold a hidden gift of money from inside a birthday cake and we’ll share how to make a Surprise Money Cake of your own.

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Fairy Party Hats

How to make the cutest little Fairy Party Hats from Cupcake Wrappers! So easy, so adorable!

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Birthday Fairy

The Birthday Fairy loves to surprise children on their birthday! If you have a birthday in your home soon, the fairies already know about it and are planning fairy celebrations.

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