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A Fairy Door is Childhood Magic

It’s not a toy, it’s not just a momentary play thing, a fairy door is childhood magic. Find out why below! With the Christmas season fast upon us, we are again turning our mind (and purses) to gift buying, so can we make a suggestion? Instead of buying your children lots of cheap, imported, plastic…

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Fairy Gifts are the Most Precious Gifts of All

Everyone loves receiving gifts but do you know why Fairy Gifts are the most precious gifts of all? Because within a gift from a fairy is a message of encouragement and endless possibility. Gifts tell us that we are thought fondly of by the giver. When a gift is given, it carries with it a…

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One word of encouragement, one smile or one hug at the right time, can be life-changing. It’s incredible to think how something so little can mean so much. The dictionary says Encouragement means “to give someone support, confidence or hope”. How super important it is for us to do this for our children! Parents and…

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How to Encourage with a Fairy Door

A Fairy Door is a perfect toy to use to encourage your child and below we show you how to encourage with a fairy door.

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Free Printable Fairy Cards

A Fairy Door is one of the most beautiful ways to encourage your child and below we have Free Printable Fairy Cards to help make this even easier. Encouraging a child when they show nice manners, are being kind or helpful, is a great way to inspire repeat behaviour. Occasionally reward them with a tiny…

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Making Special Memories

When my children were little, I was always trying to think of ways of making special memories. Thoughtful, little ideas that they could look back on with happiness.  

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100 Easy Treat Ideas from the Fairies

If you need some ideas on what the fairies can leave outside your child’s fairy door, then our FREE list of ‘100 Easy Treat Ideas from the Fairies’, can help.

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FREE Fairy Encouragement Cards

One of the MOST precious things about a Fairy Door is the encouragement it can bring to your child and our FREE Fairy Encouragement Cards make this easy

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FREE Fairy Encouragement Certificates

Download our FREE Fairy Encouragement Certificates The look in your child’s eye when they wake to find that a fairy has left a secret note is priceless. Even the smallest note of encouragement left by the fairies brings the biggest of smiles!

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