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Fairy Calendar

Would you like some easy fairy door ideas all year? A fairy door isn’t just a pretty piece of decor for a child’s bedroom, it is a whole year of little moments of magic your child will treasure. How?

fairy calendar

If you need inspiration as the “secret chief fairy in your home”, a great place to look are the months of the year and what events they contain.

Activities, events and seasons that come along each month, can be great inspiration for your child’s fairy door. Things like public holidays, birthdays and seasons are all perfect ideas you can use to create a simple theme.

For example…

January is the New Year Fairy
Hang a little “Happy New Year” banner over your fairy door with some streamers (obtained from the inside of a birthday popper)

February is Back to School Fairy
Secretly leave some small back to school treats outside their fairy door, “from the fairies”. Things like coloured pencils, a new pencil case or use our “Fairy School Theme” for lots of ideas.

March is the first day of Autumn Fairy
When the season changes to Autumn, secretly change the background in their fairy door to one of our “Seasons Background Picture” and leave some autumn coloured leaves outside their fairy door.

April is the Easter Fairy
Easter is a perfect event to leave a special “fairy surprise” for your child. We have lots of ideas for small treats and pretty settings to copy in our How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Easter Blog.

May is Mother’s Day
Making a little bouquet of flowers, a tiny Mothers Day card and a little chocolate would be fun treats the fairies can leave outside a fairy door for Mothers Day.

June is the first day of Winter Fairy
When the season changes to Winter, secretly change the background in their fairy door to our Winter Picture from our “Seasons Background Picture” set.

August is National Picnic Day (2nd)
We have lots of ideas on how to set up a fairy picnic theme outside a fairy door in our blog.

September is the first day of Spring Fairy
When the season changes to Spring, secretly change the background in their fairy door to our Spring picture in our “Seasons Background Picture” set.

October is Book Week in Australia
We have available tiny fairy sized books plus a little Fairy Library set which you can leave outside their fairy door to celebrate book week

November is the month of “Fairy Bread Day” (24th)
Leave a yummy treat of fairy bread outside their fairy door to celebrate “Fairy bread Day”. You could even cut them into tiny, fairy sized pieces and serve them on our fairy tea set for a fairy afternoon tea.

December is the Christmas Fairy
And of course, there’s Christmas. The perfect time of year to decorate a fairy door. For lots of festive fairy ideas, read our blog post on How to Decorate a Fairy Door for Christmas.

There are many more ideas in months throughout the year that you can use for inspiration, like:

January 26th is Australia Day;

February 14th is Valentines Day;

April 25th is Anzac Day;

July 7th is World Chocolate Day

September is the AFL & NRL Grand Finals

Olympics & Commonwealth Games

World Cup Soccer

Australian Open Tennis

Even More Fairy Door Ideas all Year

tooth fairy letters
Tooth fairy

Milestones and special occasions are also perfect inspiration for your Fairy Door.

For example…

The Tooth Fairy

fairy toothbrush set

The Tooth Fairy is a regular visitor throughout childhood which are perfect times to use your fairy door makes it easy. The lost tooth can be left on the fairy doorstep and then tooth fairy’s reward can be easily left outside her fairy door or in her mailbox. Read our Tooth Fairy ideas here. Or how to write tooth fairy letters here.

The Birthday Fairy

birthday fairy

Birthdays are ideal days to use your fairy door. You can decorate it with a Happy Birthday Sign, leave a tiny birthday card or a small birthday gift from the fairies.

The Sleep Fairy

sleep fairy

Many children are afraid of the dark, monsters under the bed or have difficulty sleeping in the own bed. The Sleep Fairy has some amazing ways to help overcome these difficulties in a gentle and magical way.

Read our easy ideas how you can use your fairy door to help with these difficulties. Read our Sleep Fairy articles here.

The Dummy Fairy

how to use your fairy door all year

If you have a young child who loves their dummy, when the time comes to remove it, a fairy door is a gentle and magical way to do it. Read our Dummy Fairy Post here

But wait, there’s even more…

Think about the different special occasions that occur in your family through the year and these will give you great opportunities to use your fairy door to bring a touch of magic to your child.

Occasions like anniversaries, holidays and events.

Using your fairy door to reward positive behaviour.

Count Sleeps with a Fairy Door. If your child is looking forward to something, use their fairy door to count sleeps to this occasion.

These are a few ideas we’ve suggested above to try and inspire some ideas for how you can use your fairy door all year.

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