Easter Egg Hunt Fairy Style - Opening Fairy Doors

Get the kids and grandkids out in the garden with an Easter Egg Hunt Fairy Style, this April. Such a happy activity for the whole family.

I read a sign at a preschool that said…

 ‘You are walking in your children’s memories right now’

Wow, what a thought! In our busy lives, we often need reminding of this.

And Easter is a perfect opportunity to build those precious childhood memories. And what better way than with an Easter Egg Hunt.

And we’ve put a little “fairy” flavour into ours this year by including our fairy door.

For example, a few days before Easter, leave a surprise little Fairy Letter outside your child’s fairy door inviting them to an Easter Egg Hunt Fairy Style.

Watch them count sleeps to this!

Here is our FREE Invitation to Print

Just click on the image above and a PDF will open, print this onto white paper, cut it out and leave outside your child’s fairy door.

Help them count sleeps to Easter Sunday – you could even leave little fairy notes to help them do this.

Then have everything ready when they wake up:

  1. Hide the eggs in the garden:
  • in the flowers
  • on the grass
  • behind rocks
  • under the tree
  • in the mailbox
  • in the vegey patch

2. Have little Easter baskets ready

3. Enjoy!

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