How to Start with a Fairy Door? - Opening Fairy Doors
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Your child loves fairies and you’ve decided to buy a fairy door, so the question now is, how to start with a fairy door?

How do you begin?

Where do you put it?

How do you use one?

All these questions can come to mind with a fairy door and below we help to answer them. Because a fairy door is not just a beautiful decorative item on your child’s wall but it is a very special interactive tool that can have such a positive impact upon your child.

How to Start with a fairy door?

  1. The magic starts with a fairy note

    Build the anticipation of receiving a fairy door by leaving a little note “from the fairies” beside their bed to find in the morning. This fairy note can say something like: “We are working on a very special surprise for you which will be ready soon. Love from the fairies”

    start a new tradition with an opening fairy door

  2. Secretly set up their fairy door

    Set up their new fairy door while they are at school or asleep, somewhere they will be surprised to find it.

    Common places parents choose are:
    – on a skirting board in their bedroom
    – under their bed or in a cupboard (if they are afraid of monsters there)
    – in a display box on their dressing table, or
    – on a shelf in their room

    there's a fairy under my bed

  3. Send the occasional fairy note through the year

    This is the secret of a fairy door. It’s the secret engagement of a parent that keeps the magic alive. This kind of interaction is also the perfect opportunity to encourage and reward your child.

    We have a great post on our blog that shares some great ideas on how to write fairy letters and how to Encourage with a Fairy door.

    We also have many different sets of fairy letters available to help with your fairy letters; Rainbow, Pink, Purple and Blue.

    how to write fairy letters

  4. A fairy door tradition can also be shared across homes with cousins, friends and especially with grandparents! 

    We have SO many customers who are grandparents, who have purchased a fairy door for their own home.

    This way they can be the “secret fairy” and interact with their grandchildren, leaving fairy notes for when their grandchildren visit.

    Plus their fairy friends can visit each others homes and share adventures and stories together.

    Start a new Tradition with an Opening Fairy Door

    Margaret shared a photo of her Yellow Opening Fairy Door (her granddaughter’s favourite colour) and she has set it up in her kitchen. She tells us that her granddaughter runs into her house every time she visits to see what the fairy has left.

    Margaret says she absolutely loves being able to write secret fairy notes to her granddaughter, which she sees as perfect opportunities to encourage and instil a sense of purpose and confidence.

  5. Celebrate with a Fairy Door

    A Fairy Door can be used to celebrate anything!

    Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Back to School, Holidays, Events, picnics… anything.

    Simply by adding some themed decorations, a fairy door can be an amazing source of comfort and encouragement to any child.

    How wonderful for a child to receive a fairy sized birthday card on their birthday!

    How amazing for them to find that a fairy knows their first day back to school!

    How magical to see their fairy has decorated their fairy door to celebrate Christmas with them.

    How encouraging for them to discover that their fairy friend saw them sleep all night in their own bed, or ate all their vegetables, or cleaned their teeth without being asked…. and they left a tiny treat to celebrate this.

    Why Grandparents Love Fairy Doors

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