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Ideas to use a fairy door

Ideas to Use a Fairy Door

A beautiful fairy door has arrived at your home and your little one is thrilled! So what now? How do you use a fairy door?

A fairy door is not just a pretty decoration, it holds the potential to bring to life the big imagination in your little one’s mind!

For example, below we list lots of ideas to use a fairy door throughout the year and when special events come around.

A fairy door is a perfect tool to invite the fairies to join in your child’s day, whether that be celebrating a birthday or simply cleaning teeth. Even just leaving a note is a magical moment when fairies are involved.

Fairy Door Ideas for each month of the year

fairy calendar

The months of the year are perfect opportunities to use a fairy door. Things like changing seasons, public holidays and special occasions, all can be celebrated with fairy friends.

January is the New Year Fairy

February is Back to School Fairy

March is the first day of Autumn Fairy

April is the Easter Fairy

May is Mother’s Day

June is the Winter Fairy

August is National Picnic Day (2nd)

September is the first day of Spring Fairy

October is Book Week in Australia

November has “Fairy Bread Day” (24th)

December is the Christmas Fairy

There are many more ideas in months throughout the year that you can use for inspiration, like:

January 26th is Australia Day;

February 14th is Valentines Day;

April 25th is Anzac Day;

A helpful idea is to search the internet for Public Holidays and months of the year Events. You can find lots of random things like World Chocolate Day, International Fairy Day, Grandparents Day plus more

Ideas to use a Fairy Door for Special Occasions

tooth fairy letters
Tooth fairy

Milestones and special occasions are also perfect opportunities to use your Fairy Door.

For example…

The Tooth Fairy

fairy toothbrush set

The Tooth Fairy is a regular visitor through childhood and a fairy door makes her visit easy. The lost tooth can be left on the fairy doorstep and then tooth fairy’s gift can be easily left outside her fairy door or in her mailbox.

Read our Tooth Fairy ideas here and how to write tooth fairy letters here.

We also have beautiful, pre-printed Tooth Fairy Letters available to make a Tooth Fairy visit easy.

The Birthday Fairy

birthday fairy

Birthdays are ideal days to use a fairy door.

You can invite the fairies with fairy invitations or letters.

You can decorate a fairy door with tiny balloons, garlands and streamers. Plus leave a fairy birthday card or a small birthday gift from the fairies.

The Sleep Fairy

sleep fairy

Many children are afraid of the dark, monsters under the bed or have difficulty sleeping in their own bed.

Read our Sleep Fairy post for some lovely ways to help your child overcome these difficulties in a gentle and magical way.

The Dummy Fairy

how to use your fairy door all year

If you have a young child who loves their dummy but the time has come for them to let it go, a fairy door is a gentle way to encourage this. Read our Dummy Fairy Post here

Everyday Ideas

Family Times…

Think about the different special occasions in your family through the year and these will give some great opportunities to use a fairy door.

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • School Starting

Simple Ideas

Fairy Letters

The most popular thing children love about their fairy door, is the sending and receiving fairy letters.

Leaving a fairy note is often the easiest and most inexpensive way to use a fairy door. Read our How to Write Fairy Letters for lots of ideas.

We also have available pretty packs of coloured fairy letters (Pink, Purple, Blue and Rainbow). And pre-printed packs of fairy letters, to help when you don’t know what to write.

Rewarding Positive Behaviour

A Fairy Door is a perfect way to encourage your child. If you notice your child does something good, or acts in a positive way; leave an encouraging fairy note or a little treat outside their fairy door to acknowledge this.

For example, the fairies could leave a note that says:

  • “We saw how kind you were to your friend today”
  • “You used lovely manners today”
  • “We saw that you cleaned your teeth without being asked last night”
  • “You packed your toys up beautifully today”
  • “You ate all your vegetables, we are so proud of you”

Counting Sleeps

If your child is looking forward to something, like a holiday, an outing, a birthday, etc a fairy door is a perfect way to count sleeps to this occasion.

For example, leave fairy notes in their fairy mailbox which count down sleeps. And then on the day before with 1 sleep left, you could leave a special treat outside their fairy door – that relates to the event.

We hope these ideas to use a fairy door are helpful. For lots of other ideas, pop over to some of our other Blog Posts…

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