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fairy movie night set for your fairy door

How to Make a Fairy Movie Night?

One of our most popular theme ideas for your fairy door is how to make a fairy movie night. And we have even provided FREE printable templates to download and print.

I love watching a good movie with my family, in fact, when our children were growing up, a movie night was one of our favourite family traditions.

We would all agree on a movie, get into our PJ’s, I’d pop some popcorn and then lights out … cue the movie! And sometimes we would even stretch out a big blanket on the floor, throw a bunch of cushions around and watch it together on the floor!

So we have replicated the tiniest movie theatre, complete with the cutest print-outs, so you can also make your own fun movie night outside your fairy door.

How to make a fairy Movie Night?

  1. Cut out Templates

    Download our FREE Fairy Movie Night printable templates by clicking the image below.

    Our little templates include fairy sized:
    Movie Screen
    Popcorn boxes
    3D Glasses
    Movie Tickets
    Movie Night Banner & Sign
    Snack Bar Sign

    There are 3 separate pages in this FREE PDF.
    Print each onto a white A4 sheet
    Cut each shape outfairy movie night free printable templatefairy movie night free printable templates

  2. To Make the Fairy Popcorn Boxes:

    Fold the mini Fairy Popcorn boxes (instructions on the template).
    Then using some Rice Bubbles to replicate tiny popcorn pieces, pour these into your little boxes.
    fairy movie night set with fairy popcorn boxes

  3. Make a Fairy Movie Screen:

    To enable your fairy movie screen to stand upright, we have used 2 bendable plastic drinking straws (available from supermarkets)

    Bend the straws and stick each straw onto the back sides of the movie screen.

    Cut the tops off the straws.

    The screen can then stand up on the bendy part of the straws.fairy movie night set for your fairy door

  4. How to make Fairy 3D Glasses:

    Fold each arm of the glasses back and then blu tac the glasses onto your little fairy.fairy movie night for your fairy door

  5. Set up your Fairy Movie Night Scene:

    To make our setting we used:
    Fairy Grass Mat
    White Table Set (for the Snack Bar)
    Fairy Food
    Fairy Tea Set
    Fairy Friends (Fairy, Blue Bird, Gnome)

    We also used fluffed up Cotton Balls for pillows

    We used blu-tac to hang the banner above the fairy door, the Movie Night Sign over the fairy door and the Snack Bar sign on the wall above the snack table.

    We spread the fairy food snacks on the table, with the popcorn boxes

    And spread the little plates & cups around for the fairies to use.
    fairy movie night for your fairy door

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