There is Happiness Behind a Fairy Door - Opening Fairy Doors
Afraid of the Dark

There is Happiness Behind a Fairy Door

Did you know that for a child, there is happiness behind a fairy door! The sense of excitement, anticipation, hope and expectation they feel when they open their fairy door, is real to them.

To a child, the adventures, stories and possibilities they see in their tiny fairy world, are real because their little imaginations are so vivid. And at a time like this in the world, our children need all the hope and expectation they can get!

So what’s behind a Fairy Door?

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When a child opens a fairy door, they often discover secret friendships, freedom from worry and fear and a sense of happiness because they are enjoying a little magical world of adventure that they have created.

  1. There are secret FRIENDSHIPS behind a fairy door

    If a child is lonely, they will find it easy to discover that a secret fairy friend is waiting on the other side of their fairy door. Someone who can visit anytime.

    Children love secrets! And having a secret fairy friend who lives behind their fairy door lets them know that they are special, not alone or forgotten.

    And often children love to name their fairy friend. And we have lots of fairy name ideas on our blog post….
    How to Choose a Fairy Name

    What's behind the fairy door

  2. There are no WORRIES behind a fairy door

    A child should never need to worry. At such a young age, they should be free from the anxieties of life.

    Children are not able to deal with worry logically because their little minds are still developing perspective. Which is often why a child withdraws within themselves when overcome with anxiety and worry.

    Which is also why a child is enchanted with a fairy door because they can get enthralled in a magical world where anything is possible. For a moment, they forget about their worries as they get caught up in stories that they create.

    Children can also write their worries on a little fairy note and leave it in their fairy mailbox. Then in the morning when they wake up, and see that their letter is gone (thanks to their ‘secret parent chief fairy’), they know that the fairies have taken their worries away.

    (sometimes a little ‘thank you treat’ is left on the doorstep!)

    What's behind the fairy doorr

  3. There is no FEAR behind a fairy door

    If your child is afraid of the dark, monsters under their bed or won’t sleep in their own bed, a fairy door is a perfect tool to ease these fears.

    We have a blog post called “There’s a Fairy Under my Bed” which has some fantastic ideas.

    We also have one amazing testimony of a customer who set up a fairy door under her child’s bed and lit it up with fairy lights. Then when her child went to bed each night, the lights were turned on, her child said ‘Goodnight’ to her fairies and was able to sleep all night without fear, know the fairies were watching over her. Beautiful!

    What's behind the fairy door

  4. There is HAPPINESS behind a fairy door

    A fairy door gives children the perfect opportunity to create so many ‘happy places’ such as fairy tea parties, fairy gardens, picnics, fairy camping, slumber parties, movie nights and celebrations of anything and everything.

    Especially when they are helped (again by the “secret parent chief fairy‘) with little themed accessories, decorations and fairy notes.

    As a parent, you can enormously help your child create these magical fairy happy places by providing the occasional accessory (bought or hand made).

    To help parents with this, we have designed lots of FREE print out templates on our other blog posts….

    Such as:
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So, what’s behind a fairy door?

There is HAPPINESS behind a fairy door.

There are NO WORRIES behind a fairy door.

There is NO FEAR behind a fairy door.

There are SECRET FRIENDSHIPS behind a fairy door

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