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fairy vegetable garden

With the warmth of Spring finally here, now is the perfect time for some Fairy Vegetable Garden inspiration.

Fairies love growing vegetables in their gardens and outside their fairy doors! They love to see the flowers grow and look after their vegetable patch, making sure their plants grow strong and healthy.

This week we have had all sorts of fun outside our fairy door creating the cutest little Fairy Vegetable Garden! Complete with tiny vegetables, little Planter Pots with Markers and even mini seed packets.

How to plant a Fairy Vegetable Garden

Items needed:

  • Our Free Planter Template and Mini Seed Packets (see below)
  • Little narrow box or container
  • Dirt
  • Mini vegeys (or pictures of them cut out from a magazine)

  1. Download & Print our free Planter Template

    Click on the image below (or the download button at the bottom)Fairy Garden Planters Download Printable

  2. Cut the templates out and fold

    Fairy Vegetable Garden

  3. Fill the planters with dirt

    Fairy Vegetable Garden

  4. Attach the Name Tab

    Fairy Garden Planters Download Printable

  5. Download and Print our Free Mini Seed Packets

    Click on the image below (or the download button at the bottom)

    Cut out each little packet, fold and glue closed.
    We store out little packets in a match box
    Fairy Vegetable Garden

  6. Fill your box or container with dirt

    Using the little flat box or plastic container you have, fill with dirt and insert the mini vegetables you have, or the small pictures of vegetables you have cut out of a magazine.

    We used miniature plastic vegetables we had from our dollhouse days.

    fairy vegetable garden

Like we’ve said many times, the magic of a fairy door is in the secret engagement with fairy friends (namely ‘mum’) and creating many stories and scenes using different accessories.

This Fairy vegetable Garden is just one of the many scenes you can create outside your fairy door. Think of any activity you do, like cooking, cleaning, playing, camping and and then replicate this in miniature form outside your fairy door.

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