Have No Fear Fairies are Here - Opening Fairy Doors
Have no Fear Fairies are Here

Have no fear fairies are here! Believe it or not, playing with fairies can actually help our children cope better with everything that is happening at the moment.

Anytime your child’s imagination can run free, will strengthen their mental health, sense of happiness and reduce fear.

It helps them manage their emotions and express their feelings. Plus, it helps them to maintain a sense that everything is going to be ok. Which in this current environment, is especially needed.

Secretly watching a child play with their fairy door can be the most wonderful thing to see. As they create magical stories where they are princess in their own kingdom; where everything is perfect and life is whatever they want it to be in their fairy world.

Have no Fear Fairies Are Here

How to Help your Child Create Fairy Stories?

  1. Provide Accessories

    By collecting lots of different little items that your child can use to create their magical stories, will certainly help to inspire their creativity.

    For example, think of different fairy scenes your child can create and then in a shoe box, collect things that accessorise that theme. eg

    Fairy Tea Party
    Table & Chairs Set, Little Fairy Cakes, Fairy Sandwiches, Fairies

    Fairy Picnic
    Grass Mat, Fairy Food, Make a Fairy Bingle, Make a Fairy Picnic Table, Ideas from our Blogs Fairy Picnic , Spring Fairy Picnic

    Fairy Garden
    Grass Mat, Fairy Flowers, Fairy Brooms, Fairy Tools, Make a Fairy Path, Make a Fairy Toolshed

    Fairy Slumber Party
    Ideas from our blog Fairy Slumber Party

    Fairy School
    Fairy School, Ideas from our blog Fairy School

    Birthday Theme
    Fairy Birthday items, Ideas from our Blog How to Create a Birthday Theme

    Fairy Games
    Ideas from our blog Fairy Games

    Fairy Home Cooking
    Ideas from our blog Fairy Fairy Home Baking and Fairy Oven

    Fairy Camping
    Ideas from our blog Fairy Camping

    Fairy Washing
    Make a Fairy Washing Line

    Have no Fear Fairies are Here

  2. Encourage your child to collect free Accessories

    When you’re out walking with your children, keep your eyes open for little bits & pieces they can use.

    For example, shells, pebbles, sand, flowers, leaves etc

    Have no Fear Fairies are Here

  3. Secretly Interact

    As the “secret chief fairy”, you are the one who helps keep the magic alive. By secretly leaving fairy notes in their mailbox or little treats outside their fairy door, you are not only inspiring their imagination but can encourage them in a powerful way.

    Ideas to interact:

    Leave Fairy Notes
    Leave a fairy note on any piece of paper you have lying around.

    Alternatively for a touch a nature, use a large, green leaf and a gold pen. (see our blog Fairy Leaf Letter)

    Also, we have a beautiful range of Fairy Notes, Letters and Cards to keep in your collection for when you need to write an encouraging fairy letter.

    Letters from a Fairy
    Fairy Letters
    Fairy Cards
    Elf Cards
    Fairy Birthday Cards
    Tooth Fairy Cards

    Leave a Fairy Treat
    Have some small, inexpensive treats you can leave outside their fairy door “from the fairies”. These are important not just to keep the ‘magic alive’ but use as wonderful points of encouragement and reward for positive behaviour.

    Items like a pretty pen, ribbon, hair clip, lollypop, note paper, stickers… anything you know your child would like.

    Secretly create a new fairy scene
    Using one of the ideas above, you could create a new fairy theme outside their fairy door as a surprise when they wake up in the morning.

    One amazing idea is to create a little fairy village!
    By adding other fairy doors in a row beside theirs, you can create ‘fairy neighbours’ for fairies to visit each other. Then add front yards in front of each door and include a little street along the front.

    Have no Fear Fairies are Here

During times of uncertainty, imaginative play is your child’s way to:

• relax and forget about worries
• make sense of change
• cope with feelings that are difficult or frightening

As parents, we can help them do this by collecting accessories for them and secretly interacting with them.

Have no fear fairies are here!

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