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Imagination Vacation

With almost half of our beautiful country in lockdown yet again, let the fairies help you take an Imagination Vacation!

Many of us may be isolated and inside at the moment but our imagination is free to go wherever we like. Your imagination allows you to go anywhere, whenever you want, free of charge and without limits…. Right from home.

Fairies come and go as they like and with their help through their fairy door, your child enjoy a magical imagination trip anytime. All they might need is some help from the “chief fairy” (you).

By simply decorating your child’s fairy door with some simple accessories, you can help them create a magical holiday in their own imagination.

Imagination Vacation

How to Take an Imagination Vacation?

  1. Decide on a Destination

    The first step to planning any trip is deciding where to go.

    Maybe you feel like relaxing on a beach on a tropical island or go skiing in the Swiss Alps. How about Paris, London or Monte Carlo!

    Print out our mini fairy map to choose where you’d like to. (Click on the image below to download)

    Imagination Vacation

  2. Create the Scene

    Now your child has decided on their destination, it’s time to create their fairy door scene.

    Collect some simple accessories to reflect their holiday of choice.

    Ask them to imagine the sights and sounds. What can they smell and feel in their magical holiday place?

    Is it a tropical Island?
    Decorate their fairy door with:
    1. Our FREE Tropical background Scene
    2. Print a Fairy Pool
    3. Arrange some small pot plants, leaves and greenery around
    4. If you’ve got some sand and shells, use these too.
    5. Add a little cocktail umbrella and beach chair

    Click the image below to print out FREE holiday background scenes. Print onto a sheet of thin A4 white card or paper and then trim to size to fit your fairy door
    Imagination Vacation

  3. Let Your Child’s Imagination Loose

    Ask them what they see ?
    Maybe a clear blue sky and lush tropical trees

    What can they hear?
    Maybe the swoosh of the waves and the birds chirping

    What can they smell?
    Maybe the smell of sunscreen as they lie on the beach with their fairy friend. Or the smell of all the beautiful flowers.

    What can they feel?
    Maybe the warm sun on their skin or the gentle breeze through their hair and the sense of relaxation and peace!

    Imagination Vacation

  4. Dress Up!

    To add some more inspiration, your child could even dress up to reflect their vacation, like wearing bathers and a hat for a tropical theme, wearing hiking gear for a camping holiday or ski gear for the Swiss Alps.

    For some added sparkle, your child might like to create an imagination vacation at a magical fairy garden, an enchanted kingdom or in outer space! (and dress up accordingly!)

  5. Bake some Holiday Food

    You could also add to their creative theme by baking some food to reflect their holiday choice. Have a BBQ for a camping theme, make a hot dog for a USA holiday or have an ice cream for a tropical vacation.

  6. FREE Fairy Sized Postcards

    We’ve designed some FREE Fairy sized Travel Postcards for your child’s fairy friend to send them from all their travel locations. This could inspire them to choose places their fairy has already been.

    Click the below image to access our Fairy Postcards.
    Print onto a sheet of white A4 thin card or paper.

    Imagination Vacation

The land of make-believe is always OPEN! Take an imaginary trip there.

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