Fairy Games at Home - Opening Fairy Doors
Fairy Games at Home

Now more than ever in these difficult times, finding things at home that are positive, encouraging and creative are needed.

And we reckon a great way to help keep our little ones focussed, positive and enthusiastic is to think up fun and interactive scenes to create outside their fairy door.

And to help with this, we have designed the cutest little set of games that are fairy sized, for a fun night of fairy games at home.

PLUS we have provided them FREE to download and print!

Our tiny set of fairy games includes:

  • Monopoly board with monopoly money and cards
  • Snakes & Ladders Game
  • Dart Board
  • Playing Cards
  • Twister Mat

How to create Fairy Games at Home?

  1. Print our Template

    Each game is printed on a printable template, ready for you to cut out.

    Click the PDF template below to open it. Then print it onto white sheets of A4 paper or thin card.

    There are 3 separate pages included.Fairy Home Fun FREE Template
    Fairy Home Fun Prints

  2. Cut out each little piece

    This takes some time and patience but it’s worth it!
    Plus this is a great “fine motor skill activity” for your children.
    The great thing is if they make a mistake, just print another copy.

    Fairy Home Fun Miniature Games Prints

  3. Fairy Monopoly Game

    Assemble your little Fairy Monopoly Set by placing the board on the floor.

    Line up the monopoly money along one edge and group the property Cards in their colours along the other edge.

    Place the Chance Cards and Community Chest cards in the boxes in the middle of the board, just like in a real Monopoly game.

    Then invite your fairy friends to play!Fairy Home Fun miniature monopoly set

  4. Fairy Twister Game

    Watch your fairies enjoy the fun of playing their own tiny Twister game.Fairy Home Fun miniature Twister Game

  5. Fairy Snakes & Ladders Game

    Who remembers playing Snakes and Ladders?

    This tiny board would be such fun to play with using tiny buttons, dried peas, choc buttons or anything small enough to move through the boxes.

    Fairy Home Fun miniature snakes and ladders game

  6. Fairy Cards

    Even fairies enjoy family games nights with a game of Snap or Patience. And now they can with their own tiny playing cards.

    Fairy Home Fun miniature playing cards

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