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Why Grandparents Love Fairy Doors

Over many years of making products for children, we have seen a trend within our older generation of why Grandparents Love Fairy Doors

Mum & I have been in business 23 years this year and we have seen a consistent trend of customer type. Our 4 largest types of customers are:

  1. Parents
  2. Grandparents
  3. Extended Family
  4. Friends

Our largest type of customer are parents, which we would expect but what has regularly surprised and thrilled us are our second largest base of customers…. Grandparents!

Why Grandparents Love Fairy Doors

So Why Grandparents Love Fairy Doors

We have received thousands of orders and beautiful reviews from Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, who not only purchase fairy doors as gifts for their grandkids but also purchase doors for themselves.

They do this so they can be a part of this wonderful experience with their grandchildren.

They create a fairy door setting of their own at home so when their grandchildren visit, they can engage with them in a positive, imaginative and encouraging way.

Many Grandparents share with us how they set up different themes to surprise them. Whether it’s a fairy tea party, a fairy picnic, a fairy movie night or a birthday surprise. They love creating fun stories with their grandchild as they play.

Some have also shared how they also love to make little fairy crafts together to play with outside their fairy door. Often using a bunch of our free craft ideas and printables from our blog.

fairy home picnic

Grandparents are also our biggest encourager when it comes to sending kind words of Reviews to us. They share how much of a positive impact having a fairy door has had on their relationship with their grandkids.

Nanna’s & Pop’s are often seeking ideas to help them engage with their grandchildren, especially in this gadget driven world. And a fairy door is one beautiful way that is helping them do this in a hands-on, open play, creative way.

Why Grandparents Love Fairy Doors

Grandparents love fairy doors because they are a great tool to encourage their grandkids. Over the years we’ve received quite a few emails sharing how Grandparents will secretly contact the parents to find out something their grandchild has done that week that is positive, and then when their grandchild visits, they have a little fairy note, or treat waiting outside their fairy door “from the fairies” saying how they saw:

  • “how helpful they were”, or
  • “how kind they were to someone”, or
  • “how they cleaned their teeth without being asked each night”,
  • “how they ate all their vegetables”
  • “did their homework” etc etc
fairy letters

Many grandparents also share that they set up a fairy door so their fairies can magically visit their grandchildren’s fairy doors. And how they often post little fairy notes between homes.

Imagine how excited a child would be!

Why are Grandparents Special

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