How to Make Milk Carton Fairy Houses - Opening Fairy Doors
How to Make Milk Carton Fairy Houses

How to Make Milk Carton Fairy Houses

Sometimes the simple things are the best and this week we show you how to make milk carton fairy houses.

This is such an easy and inexpensive way to make a pretty fairy house for your fairy to visit.

What You Need

  • Empty Plastic Bottles (like a 2 litre milk bottle or washing liquid bottle)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Stanley knife / Scissors (adults only)
  • Decorative pieces (beads, fabric, ribbon, Sharpies etc)
  • Glue Gun (or strong craft glue)

How to Make Milk Carton Fairy Houses?

  1. Wash and dry the Plastic Bottles

    Easy Milk Carton Fairy House

  2. Draw the Windows & Doors

    Using the permanent marker, draw the door and windows where you would like them on the bottle.
    And then carefully using the stanley knife or scissors, cut out these pieces.

    Easy Milk Carton Fairy House

  3. Be Creative

    The more Windows you create, the more light shines through…
    Easy Milk Carton Fairy House

  4. Especially if you want to include light inside…
    To include light, use a battery tea light candle, or push LED lights, or Fairy Door Lights inside

    Easy Milk Carton Fairy House

  5. Now for the fun part….

    Decorate your Milk Carton Fairy Houses with colour, curtains, beads, drawings, glitter and fairies

    1. Make a fairy ladder up to a window with pipe cleaners or twigs.
    2. Put curtains on the windows by gluing colourful fabric
    3. Cut out butterflies from coloured paper and glue them on
    4. Stick flower stickers around the door to create a fairy garden
    5. Hang a fairy on a piece of string with a hook on the other end and hang her off the milk carton handle
    6. Lay coloured felt inside for carpet
    7. Place little fairy furniture inside
    Easy Milk Carton Fairy House

Here are some photos from other mum’s to inspire you with your milk carton fairy house…

For lots more ideas on pop over to our Fairy Blog.

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Credit to our friends at Green Dragonfly, Whoot and Lindsay at Filth Wizary for the above photos

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