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How to Create Fairy Door Scenes

How to Create Fairy Door Scenes?

How to create fairy door scenes? The magic of a fairy door is in the imagination and sense of wonder it brings.

When a child sees a fairy door on their wall, an amazing world of make believe opens up to them. A world of unlimited possibility, a world of happiness and a world where they can share in the joy of who lives behind the door.

You are the “secret” behind this wonder. As the ‘Chief Secret Fairy”, you help keep their imagination alive by writing secret fairy letters, leaving little treats from the fairies and even providing little accessories for your child to create different themes.

How to Create Fairy Door Scenes

Creating different scenes and themes outside your child’s fairy door inspires their creativity and inbuilt sense of story telling. It’s the little details that add life and personality to a fairy door.

It can be something small like leaving some fairy cakes or a tea set on a little table, for a fairy afternoon tea.

fairy tea set

Or leave a fairy note in their mailbox.

how to write fairy letters

Even ideas like if you find a pretty flower, leave it outside your child’s fairy door as a surprise.

If you find a pretty shell at the beach, or colourful feather, or shiny pebble, take it home to leave as a gift from the fairies. Magical surprises do not need to cost money.

As a special treat, you can also provide some more detail like decorating for a birthday, or for Easter, Christmas, first day of school, a fairy movie night or any special event.

We have gorgeous birthday accessories like balloons, fairy birthday cards and birthday cakes available. Plus we have a pretty fairy-birthday-garland printable available to hang above their fairy door for this special occasion.

fairy birthday cards

Accessories to create different themes for their fairy door, makes amazing gifts too!

Think of different themes your child might like and then collect all the little decorative items needed, wrap them up and leave the package outside your child’s fairy door as a surprise. Have a look on our website and our blog for different ideas and even print out the photo for inspiration.

Your child will have so much fun placing all the little accessories and telling stories using them.

Mum and I are often asked where we get our accessories from to create our fairy scenes?

  1. Our Opening Fairy Doors shop is the biggest place to find the accessories in our scenes.
  2. We also provide many free templates in our other blog posts. These you can download, print and use in your own fairy scenes.
  3. Also, keep your eye open at markets, in toy stores and dollshouse shops for little miniature items. These are perfect for creating amazing themes.

Below we share some ideas on how to create fairy door scenes, hopefully these will also inspire you!

One of the more detailed fairy scenes we’ve created is our Great Australian Fairy Bake Off theme. It was so much fun to make and our little ones spent days and days playing with it. Even now, they often pull out all the pieces to recreate it over and over again.

Many of the accessories to create this fairy scene were obtained from dollshouse shops

How to Create Fairy Door scenes

A good tip is that we pack each of our fairy scenes into separate containers, so they can be recreated and enjoyed later. We label each container so we can easily see what they’re for. This keeps everything together and minimised loss. This also helps teach our children to look after and organise their precious little bits and pieces.

We hope you’ve received lots of ideas from above. We also hope that some of our other blog posts below inspire you with lots more ideas…

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