The Perfect Fairy Door Set Up - Opening Fairy Doors
How to Create Fairy Door Scenes

We show you how to create the perfect fairy door set up using our most popular Fairy Door Set.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

To show you how versatile a Fairy Door Set is, we show you 3 different ways to create the perfect fairy door set up.

One is by using an inexpensive large gift box, the second is using one of our Display Boxes and third is by attaching it to a wall. Each set up uses the same Fairy Door Setting to show you how easy it is.

In all of our set ups below, we have used our most popular selling Starter Set, which is Pink but you can also choose from Peaches & Cream, Purple, White, Blue or Yellow.

Use a Gift Box

We have used an inexpensive $5.00 one from the Reject Shop. We chose pink to match our Starter Set.

Remove the lid and turn the box on it’s side, then attach the pieces of your Starter Set inside the gift box with blu-tac.

Using this gift box idea creates a pretty and inexpensive display box which can be placed on a shelf, a dressing table or bedside table. Perfect when you cannot attach your fairy door to a wall.

Add some matching accessories

Decorating your fairy door with accessories adds that “lived in” feel of home for your fairy. And accessories also provide great gifts for your child through the year, so

The most popular accessories are those that match the colour tone of your fairy door. We have used pink & white ones to match our pink door.

Use the same set up a Display Box

You can also use the same set up in one of our Display Boxes

Use the same Set Up on your wall

The most popular set up for a fairy door is on the wall

The perfect fairy door set up that we’ve shown above includes some of our most popular selling items:

Pink Opening Fairy Door Starter Set

Pink Mushrooms

White Table & Chairs Set

Rocking Chair

Fairy Tea Set



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