The Night the Fairies Moved In - Opening Fairy Doors
The Night the Fairies Moved In

The Night the Fairies Moved In

All children love bedtime stories and this beautiful story is about the night the fairies moved in to Emily’s home.

It was night time and everyone was asleep but in the darkness outside, a tiny sparkle stopped outside the window. A tiny fairy sees a warm, welcoming light in a child’s bedroom, so she stops to peek through the window.

Seeing a beautiful little girl asleep in her bed, the little fairy thinks, “I would love to live here and be her friend”.

So she wonders, how can I get closer and look inside? And then to her surprise, she sees the prettiest little door on the wall. a fairy door, just the right size for her to enter.

The fairy is so excited because she realises, this little girl must have been expecting her!

With a flutter of her wings and a trail of fairy dust following, she magically flies through the wall and quietly opens the fairy door. Peering into the little girls room, she sees the little girl peacefully sleeping in her bed. Looking around she sees some toys in a toy box, a Teddy Bear on a table and some story books stacked along a bookshelf.

She takes a step out of the door and unfolding before her eyes is a beautiful fairy garden just her size. She steps outside to take a closer look and feels soft grass under her feet, sees pretty flowers in pots each side of the fairy door and some little pink mushrooms too.

She had never seen anything so pretty! A few more steps into the garden, she sees the cutest table and chairs in the middle of the grass, all set up with tea and cakes. “How wonderful and kind!” she thought, and she sat down to enjoy her snack.

After her lovely snack, it was time to leave and as she was opening the fairy door to fly out, she notices something. It was a little envelope sticking out of a mailbox on the wall. A tiny mailbox, just her size. She reached up and took the envelope, which had the words “Fairy Mail” on the front. “Wow!” This is for me! she said.

So she opened the envelope and read the letter which said….

The fairy almost had tears in her eyes reading this and decided there and then, that Emily was to be her new friend and this is now her new home.

She took a magic pencil from her pocket and wrote a reply note on the back of her letter which said:

She excitedly put her note back in the mailbox, knowing that Emily would see this in the morning.

Before she flew outside again, the little fairy flew up to where Emily was sleeping and ever so gently, kissed her on the cheek. Whispering in her ear, she said “I’ll see you tomorrow night.

And as she opened the door to leave, she shook her wings and glittery fairy dust sprinkled onto the floor and out she flew into the night.

The next morning when Emily woke up, as soon as her feet touched the floor, she noticed tiny sparkles and wondered what it was. She bent down to have a closer look and then noticed the tiny letter peaking out from the fairy mailbox.

She excitedly took the letter and ran to her mum to read it to her. Her mum opened the letter how a little fairy name Eden visited last night and wants to be Emily’s friend.

Oh! Oh! Emily shouted! She came! She came!

And since then, Emily and Eden have been the best of secret friends. Eden visits every night to watch over Emily and to kiss her goodnight.

And Emily often leaves notes in her mailbox asking Eden questions and sometime sharing secrets. Eden loves checking the mailbox each night and loves to answer Emily’s questions. She giggles when she reads questions like “What is your favourite colour”, “What is your favourite food” and “Where is your favourite place”.

Emily loves her secret fairy friend who is a constant source of encouragement and Eden loves being able to visit her best friend.

And every so often when she visits, and is enjoying her tea and cakes in her garden, she fondly remembers the night the fairies moved in!

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