The night the Fairies Moved in - Opening Fairy Doors
The Night the Fairies Moved In

The night the Fairies Moved in

Read what happened the night the fairies moved in.

Imagine a fairy flying past your home at night and sees a welcoming, gentle light in your child’s bedroom. She peeks through the window and sees a beautiful little girl asleep in her bed.

The little fairy thinks, “I would love to live here and be her friend”.

She wonders where the gentle light is coming from and to her surprise, she sees the prettiest fairy door on the wall that appears to be glowing…. glowing for her to see.

The fairy gets so excited because she realises, this little girl must have been expecting her! Because a fairy door is the perfect way for her to easily enter and it is glowing like a beacon in the night, to welcome this little fairy home.

With a flutter of her wings and a trail of fairy dust following, she magically flies through the wall and slowly opens the fairy door. Peering into the room, she sees a beautiful little girl tucked nice and warm in her bed.

The Night the Fairies Moved In
Tooth fairy

She also sees some toys in a toy box, a teddy Bear on a table and some story books stacked along a bookshelf.

She takes a step out of the door to take a closer look around and was surprised to see a beautiful fairy garden just her size. It had tiny flowers in pots each side of the door and some pink mushrooms too.

She took a few more steps and found the cutest table and chairs in the garden which were already set up with tea and cakes. “How wonderful and kind!” she thought, and she sat down to enjoy her snack.

It was time to leave but as the little fairy was opening the fairy door to fly out, she suddenly notices a little envelope sticking out of the mailbox. It was just her size too and on the front of the envelope it said “Fairy Mail”. “Wow!” That’s for me! she said.

So she opened the envelope to read the letter and it said….

The fairy was so moved reading this and decided there and then that Emily was to be her new friend and this is now her new home.

She took a magic pencil from her pocket and wrote a reply note on the back of her letter which said:

She put her note back in the mailbox, excited knowing that Emily would see this in the morning.

The little fairy quietly flew up to where Emily was sleeping and ever so gently, kissed her on the cheek. Whispering in her ear, she said “I’ll see you tomorrow night”. Before the little fairy turned to go back through the fairy door, she shook her wings to leave a sprinkle of fairy dust on the doorstep.

You can imagine the priceless look on Emily’s face when she woke to find a fairy had come….. This was the night the fairies moved in!

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