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How to Create Easter Bunny Footprints

Find out how to create Easter Bunny Footprints with our FREE footprint template.

Surprise your child on Easter morning with some Easter Bunny Footprints leading into their bedroom; or up the hallway; or outside to their Easter Egg Hunt. Or shrink our free template to create some tiny Easter Bunny footprints leading out of your child’s fairy door!

easter bunny footprints download

Items Needed:

  • Our FREE Easter Bunny Footprints template (see below)
  • Scissors
  • Flour

How to Create Easter Bunny Footprints

  1. Download our FREE Template

    Download our FREE Easter Bunny Footprints Template by clicking on the image below and then print onto a sheet of white A4 paper.How to Create Easter Bunny Footprints

  2. Cut Around each Easter Bunny Footprint

    Carefully cut around the black Easter Bunny Footprint circles in the middle of the sheet.

    MAKE SURE…. you cut around the inside of the footprint – not around the outside. This means you need to poke a hole in the black middle of the footprint and toes and then carefully cut the inside out. ie leave the sheet of paper in tact. So when you’re finished cutting, you should have a bunny footprint cut out in the middle of the paper.

    How to Create Easter Bunny Footprints

  3. Put the template on the floor

    Place the cut-out template on the floor or wherever you intend to create an Easter Bunny footprint

  4. Sprinkle with Flour

    Sprinkle some white flour over the cut-out holes in the sheet (using a sifter makes this easier).

    Then gently lift off the template (being careful not to smudge the flour)

  5. Repeat

    Repeat this for each Easter Bunny Footprint until you have a row.

    How to Create Easter Bunny footprints

Easter Bunny Footprints Download

(TIP: If you would like to create small Easter Bunny footprints leading out from your child’s fairy door; then reduce the size of the PDF image before you print)

Watch our Video below to see how to create your own free Easter Bunny Footprints on our YouTube Channel:

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