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What happens behind a fairy door

What Happens When you Open a Fairy Door

Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you open a fairy door? Why are these beautiful little doors so intriguing to a child?

Because to a child, these tiny doors open to an amazing world of possibilities.

To a child, fairies represent ultimate friendship and what’s behind a fairy door, is a fairyland that represents unlimited possibility, beauty and fun.

Fairies aren’t just at the bottom of your garden. They can enter your home through a magical opening fairy door that gives a tantalising glimpse into their enchanting world beyond.

So What Happens When you Open a Fairy Door?

Unlimited Adventures in a World of Possibilities

Children are enthralled with the possibilities that come with their own fairy door: who lives there, and what do they do? The answers lie in your child’s imagination and the stories they tell.

Their vivid imaginations take them on a wonderful ride through a fairy world no-one has ever seen, with fairy friends only they know. This is their story, created by them, where they are the hero and the princess in their own fairy world.

When a child opens a fairy door, they have no trouble imagining a beautiful fairy world where animals can talk, flowers sing, the sun is always shining and everyone is kind.

What else Happens when a child opens a fairy door…

A Forever Fairy Friend is Found

Children at times can struggle with loneliness. But what happens when you open a fairy door is ….. a secret fairy friend is found!

A friend that only they can see.

A secret friend that only they can hear.

We share some great ideas on our blog Secret Fairy Friend

And as a parent, you can also help with the communication of their fairy friend by secretly leaving notes in their fairy mailbox or outside their fairy door.

Notes of friendship, notes of encouragement, notes of kindness. Any note written on a little strip of paper works. And we have lots of ideas for writing fairy letters on our blog Tips for Sending Fairy Mail

No Door? No worries! We’ve got you covered! We have the most beautiful range of hand crafted Opening Fairy Doors anywhere. So please make a cuppa, sit down & relax and choose the perfect door for your little one.

What then? As a parent, you can also secretly help these adventures by providing little accessories your child can create stories with.

We have a huge range of fairy door accessories such as furniture, fairy food, fairy garden items, fairy animals and fairy flowers. All designed to inspire magical adventures!

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