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Fairy leaf Letters

Writing Fairy Leaf Letters is such a perfect way to send fairy mail. Fairies love nature and your children will love choosing a leaf to write their own letter to their fairy friend.

There is nothing quite like receiving a little letter from a tiny fairy friend. Children are wide eyed with wonder and cannot wait for mum or dad to read it to them!

Fairy letters are never elaborate or expensive, they are simple and always encouraging.

So today, we show you how to make one of your fairy’s favourite ways to leave a note. We show you …

How to Make Fairy Leaf Letters

  1. Find a Leaf

    Any flat smooth leaf will do.
    Fairy leaf Letters

  2. Write your Fairy Note

    Make sure your leaf is free from dirt and dry.

    Get a pen that will leave a vibrant print. We used a black Gel Pen which is bright and vibrant on a green leaf.

    You could also use a Gold Pen, which leaves a sparkly metallic print.

    Fairy leaf Letters

  3. Always Encourage

    Fairies always leave encouraging notes. They always find the positives and highlight the best.

    Our fairy letter says: “I watched you sleeping last night and thought how beautiful you are! I left you this note so you would know I visited you. from Your fairy Friend xxx”

    Fairy leaf Letters

  4. Leave your Fairy Leaf Letter

    Find your spot to leave your Leaf Letter, whether that is outside their fairy door, in the fairy mailbox or under their pillow.

    Fairy leaf Letters

  5. Send a Reply Letter

    Encourage your child to write a reply letter on their own specially chosen leaf. They will enjoy hunting around outside finding their perfect leaf.

    Even if your child cannot write yet, they can still leave a special message in their own hand writing (as fairies can read anything!).

    Fairy leaf Letters

Fairy leaf Letters

The magic of a fairy door is not in anything expensive or elaborate but its in the creative make-believe it brings. And simple things like a leaf, are free but yet can bring the biggest smiles that will never be forgotten.

Your child’s Fairy Leaf Letters can also be kept in photo albums as treasured childhood memories.

We also have beautiful fairy letter notes with matching envelopes available in our store. Pink Fairy Letters, Purple Fairy Letters and Rainbow Fairy Letters (all sold separately).

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