How to Create a Back to School Setting? - Opening Fairy Doors
How to Create a Back to School Setting?

How to Create a Back to School Setting?

It’s almost the start of a new school year again so we show you how to create a magical back to school setting outside your fairy door.

The wonder of a fairy door is made even more special when the fairies are included in every day life. And creating a tiny Fairy School is such a fun way to make returning to school magical.

How to Create a Back to School Setting?

Items we have used in our Back to School Fairy setting are…

  1. Fairy School Print Set

    We have designed this beautifully detailed little school set to create a perfect little fairy school theme. And it is available to purchase here

    All made from glossy card, this set includes 30 pieces such as:
    tiny school worksheets
    mini lined writing paper
    colourful mini drawings to hang on the wall
    School Text Book covers
    Certificates…. & more

    Fairy School Prints Set

  2. Fairy Alphabet Set

    26 tiny wooden, coloured alphabet pieces.
    Each letter of the Alphabet is in miniature form all made from wood and painted in bright colours.
    Spell out your child’s name or write a message with them.Fairy Alphabet Set

  3. Fairy Book Set

    A set of 4 tiny fairy sized books with a coloured cover and includes real blank paper pages.

    Fairy Book Set

  4. Fairy Sandwiches

    Two little ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich pieces will provide your fairy with a healthy school lunch. Our fairy sandwiches are available here

    fairy sandwiches

  5. Fairy Table & Chairs

    Give your fairy a table & Chair to sit on to do her school work.
    Available to purchase here

    Fairy School

Fairy School

You can also include some of our other products to add to your theme, such as:

Fairy Certificates

Free Fairy Encouragement Cards

Free Printable Fairy Cards

And we even show you how easy it is to make your own fairy sized pencils. Just pop over to our post on how to make Fairy Pencils for the perfect item to add to your fairy school setting.

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