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Let's Go Fairy Camping

We may not be able to travel far at the moment but camping in this wonderful country of ours is the next best thing, so let’s go fairy camping!

Fairies love camping in the great outdoors. They love sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, sleeping in their tent under the stars and listening to all the animals scampering around.

Many camping days are spent fishing in the pond or lounging in their fairy hammock reading a book. Fairy folks all agree that relaxation in the great Australian outdoors is at the top of their to-do list!

So, let’s go fairy camping and set up an awesome campsite with Forest Background for our fairy friends to enjoy.

Let’s Go Fairy Camping

  1. Print our FREE Forest Background Template

    We have designed an awesome Fairy Forest Background for you to download and print.

    Click the link HERE or image below and print onto white A4 sturdy paper or card. There are 3 pages to print.

    Let's Go Fairy Camping

  2. Cut around the Grey Lines

    Let's Go Fairy Camping

  3. Fold the Side Flaps backward

    let's Go Fairy Camping

  4. Glue the Side Flaps together

    Let's Go Fairy Camping

  5. This joins each page together

    Let's Go Fairy Camping

  6. Gently form a semi-circle to Stand up your Forest

    Let's Go Fairy Camping

Then create your own little campsite in front of your Forest Background.

Let's Go Fairy Camping

We made a tee pee tent using 3 sticks held together at the top with a rubber band. Then gather a rectangle of fabric (or in this case a Chux Super Wipe from the kitchen !!) around the top and wrapped another rubber band around it to hold.

We also have a FREE Fairy Tent template to print out in our Fairy Camping post here

In our fairy campsite photo, we:

Your child’s imagination can run wild with a fairy door scene like this. They can design their own magical fairy tent and then make a mattress, pillow and blanket. They can collect grass clippings to create an outdoor area.

Hang a garland above their tent, make a bench using 2 weetbix and make a fishing rod and Pond

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