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10 easy ideas to create a special christmas

10 Easy Ideas to Create Special Christmas Memories

I remember when I was little, the amazing feeling at Christmas time and below I share with you 10 easy ideas to create special Christmas memories based on my experience.

We don’t have to get caught up in the stress, marketing or money spending cycle of Christmas. Instead create some beautiful Christmas memories for your family that are easy, inexpensive

I remember when I was little, the amazing feeling at Christmas time.

I remember the excitement leading up to it, counting sleeps and enjoying the little family traditions we had.

I enjoyed giving little handmade gifts and making Christmas decorations with my mum.

I remember we had quite a small tree which was decorated with the decorations us kids made. Nothing extravagant or expensive but Christmas was just so magical.

Based on my experience, I believe Christmas is the most magical when it’s kept simple, family oriented with its true meaning in the forefront.

10 Easy Ideas to Create a Special Christmas

  1. Instead of a shop bought artificial Christmas tree, how about a REAL ONE

    We normally have an artificial Christmas Tree but every so often for something a bit special, we buy a real one.

    The smell is amazing.

    Instead of a big one, maybe just a small one that you can put on the table. 10 Easy Ideas for Christmas

  2. Hot Chocolate in a Christmas Mug

    I am a big fan of making Christmas as special as possible. Because I love the feeling of looking forward to this magical time and doing my best in creating this same feeling in others.

    And so I have a container of items that I only use at Christmas time – tablecloths, placemats, cups, centrepieces etc… and funny Christmas mugs.

    In the lead up to Christmas, we love enjoying Christmas Hot Chocolate!. Even when it’s 30 degrees outside!

    So we have funny Christmas mugs that we only use at Christmas time. Each of us have a different one.

    10 easy ideas for christmas

  3. Wear Christmas PJ’s

    Everyone in our family wears funny Christmas PJ’s each night the week leading up to Christmas.

    These were inexpensive and purchased from discount stores, so as the kids grew each year, it cheap to purchase new ones.

  4. Christmas Deserts after dinner

    In the week leading up to Christmas, we have ‘Christmas Deserts’ each night after dinner.

    It is SUPER easy! I don’t cook anything, I just place an assortment of little sweets, chocolates, nuts, cherry’s … whatever small treats each person loves… on a small plates.

    My kids used to count sleeps to ‘Christmas Deserts’ each year, they loved it that much!

  5. Family Christmas Movie nights

    Every year, in the week leading up to Christmas, we enjoy Christmas Movie Nights.

    We take turns choosing a favourite Christmas movie and then sit together to watch it … in our Christmas PJ’s, drinking our Christmas Hot Chocolate in our Christmas Mugs and enjoying our Christmas Deserts! Creating magical Christmas memories!

  6. A Christmas Eve Box

    This is one of those family traditions that has become one of our favourites.

    I have 4 large Christmas boxes (purchased from the Reject Store for $5 each) and I fill each box with special, fun little treats as a surprise on Christmas eve.

    Then on Christmas Eve, we usually watch the Muppets Christmas Carol together and enjoy our Christmas Eve boxes!

    See our post on How to Create a Christmas Eve Box

    how to make a Christmas Eve Box

  7. Make some hand made Christmas decorations together

    I vividly remember making Christmas decorations with my mum growing up. It was so special and helped create such a love for Christmas in my life, which I am now passing on to my grandchildren.

    Making paper loop streamers with flour & water for glue!

    Threading popcorn onto threads to form garlands.

    Cutting out snowflake patterns from paper and hanging them around the room.

  8. Bake some Christmas biscuits together

    Christmas is the perfect time to bake something special with someone special.

    Yummy treats that we only eat at Christmas time are even more special when we bake them together with those we love.

    Things like Gingerbread Men, Gingerbread House, Mince Pies, Shortbread, Fruit Cakes…. and home made baked gifts for others.

  9. Start a Meaningful Christmas Tree

    One of the most beautiful Christmas traditions I have adopted is to build a meaningful collection of Christmas ornaments on our Christmas tree.

    A lovely friend of mine once showed me her Christmas Tree, and said “this tree was the story of her life”. Because it was filled with ornaments that meant something to her. I loved that!

    It was covered with ornaments collected from holidays, ornament gifts given over the years; and Christmas craft ornaments that her children made when they were little. She said she lovingly wraps each of them in bubble wrap to pack them away every year.

    A few years we started this tradition in our home. And every year when we put up our tree, we relive all those special moments all over again.

  10. Donate a toy to the Salvation Army or Kmart “Giving Tree”

    There is nothing that brings that special Christmas ‘warm’ feeling quicker than giving to someone else.

    Find a good cause to give to.
    It could be placing a gift under the Salvation Army Christmas tree in shopping centres.

    It could be taking some Christmas treats to an elderly neighbour, or providing gifts to a single mum or taking a hamper of food to a needy family.

    Being a blessing to others is what Christmas is all about.

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