FREE Santa Footprints Stencil - Opening Fairy Doors
FREE Santa Footprints Stencil

FREE Santa Footprints Stencil

Create some magical life size Santa footprints with this FREE Santa Footprints Stencil.

With this free Santa footprints stencil, you can create life size, magical footprints of Santa leading up your garden path, in the front door, around your Christmas tree or even coming from your child’s fairy door!

Simply open the stencil below, print it out and then you sprinkle with some flour, or soapflakes or even mix these with glitter for some sparkly footprints!

There are even Reindeer Footprints included on this stencil!

How to make Santa Footprints?

  1. Print out the Free Santa Footprints Stencil

    Click the link or the image below to open the Stencil
    Print onto 1 sheets of White A4 paper.

    how to make Santa footprints

  2. Cut out the inside of the boots

    You’re cutting out a hollow Santa boot, so you can lay the sheet on the floor to sprinkle the boot shape with flour.

    To do this, pierce the middle of each boot with scissors and then cut out the inside shape of each santa footprints stencil

  3. Lay the stencil on the floor

    When you’ve finished cutting around the boot shapes, you should be left with a full size A4 sheet of paper with 2 hollow boot shapes in the middle.

    Lay the sheet on the floor wherever you want to create Santa footprints.

  4. Sprinkle with Flour

    For best effect use a flour sieve and carefully sprinkle flour over each boot shape (being careful not to spill flour out over the edges of the A4 sheet).

    Make sure the flour covers the whole cut out area (so it looks like snow).

    You could also use Soapflakes instead of flour.

    AND for a special sparkly effect, you can even mix some silver glitter in with the flour (or soapflakes).

  5. Carefully Lift the Stencil

    When you’ve covered each of the boot shapes with an even layer of flour, carefully life the stencil.

  6. Create More Footprints in a Row

    To create a row of footprints, lay the stencil in front of the previous footprints and repeat above.

  7. Do the Same with the Reindeer Footprints

To print your FREE Santa Footprints Stencil, click this link:  woolworths-santa-reindeer-footprints-stencil

free Santa footprints


Watch this video to see how to create your own Santa and Reindeer Footprints….

(Credit to Woolworths)

free Santa footprints

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