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how to make a Christmas Eve Box

How to Make a Christmas Eve Box

I know at Christmas time, life gets busy but this idea is one of my favourite Christmas traditions – How to Make a Christmas Eve Box.

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house;
Not a creature was stirring…
except the children!

I am a massive fan of happy family traditions, especially at Christmas time. And a Christmas Eve Box is one of those traditions that is inexpensive and family oriented that the children especially enjoy!

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve Box is a box that you fill with all sorts of fun, happy, meaningful, inexpensive items that you give to each of your family members on Christmas Eve. And then you enjoy it while watching a Christmas movie together!

A Christmas Eve Box not only adds another magical touch to the Christmas season but it can also help when it’s bedtime for the kids.

It’s not meant to be expensive or difficult and can even be made out of a shoe box! Then filled with little items such as a chocolate (or fruit), a novelty Christmas mug (for Hot chocolate), a fun Christmas Hat, a book (when it’s bedtime) and some Christmas PJ’s.

You can either make one for each member of the family or make a larger one for the whole family.

How to make a Christmas Eve Box?

I have almost finished this year’s boxes for each of our family and here is a photo for ideas…

Here is a Christmas Eve Box from a couple of years ago…

Christmas Eve box

Why this is one of my favourite Family Christmas traditions is because it’s easy and it makes Christmas Eve such a special time together as a family.

We each receive a special box tailored to each of us, then we put our Christmas T-Shirts & Hats on and enjoy our snacks while watching our traditional Christmas Eve movie together. (which happens to be “The Muppets Christmas Carol”!).

And to make it even more affordable, some of these items can be packed away to re-use next year. (like the Pyjamas/T-Shirt, Christmas mug, Movie, Book, Christmas Hat, the Box)

As a mum, I love anything that brings my family together and creates precious memories and a Christmas Eve Box ticks these boxes.

This idea is also a great idea if you live on your own, for couples and for grandparents.

For LOTS of other Christmas Eve Box ideas, have a quick look on our Pinterest page…

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