FREE 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace - Opening Fairy Doors
Free 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

FREE 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

With fairies starting to decorate their fairy doors, we have a gorgeous FREE 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace to help them.

At the end of a year of great change and uncertainty, adding a little Christmas cheer is needed.

So the fairies are busy collecting pretty items to decorate their fairy doors and we have designed a festive and inviting Fairy Christmas Fireplace. It includes colourful Christmas stockings and a cosy fire to stand next to your fairy door

How to make our FREE 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace?

  1. Download our free Template

    3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

    Print in colour onto a white sheet of A4 paper

    Free 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

  2. Cut the Fireplace out

    Free 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

  3. Fold to create the 3D effect

    Fold the left and right sides of the fireplace backward (along the dotted line)

    Fold the top part back also, along the dotted lineFree 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

  4. Glue the 2 top little white tabs

    Glue both the little white tabs on the top under the folded top part (this holds it together)

  5. Stand your Christmas Fireplace in place

    When folded and glued, stand your Free 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace along the wall next to your fairy door.

    To help hold it on your wall, you can put little pieces of blu-tac along the white side tabs and push it onto the wall
    Free 3D Christmas Fairy Fireplace

Voila! A beautiful fairy sized Fireplace ready for Christmas morning.

In our photo we have also used our Fairy Christmas Tree, Mini Santa Boots and Fairy Christmas Boxes


  1. You could cut out some Christmas Stockings from small pieces of felt the same size and shape as those pictured on your fireplace. And blu tac them on top of the stocks in the picture, to give an even more of a 3 Dimensional effect.
  2. We’ve put our Santa Cookies & Milk on top of our Fireplace ready for Santa on Christmas morning.
  3. On Christmas morning, you could surprise your child by leaving a tiny Christmas treat in front of their new fairy fireplace “from Santa”.

For other ideas on how to decorate your fairy door for Christmas, we recommend:

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And we even some Christmas cooking ideas with our 3D Christmas Cookie Tree

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