A Fairy Door is Childhood Magic - Opening Fairy Doors
a fairy door is childhood magic

It’s not a toy, it’s not just a momentary play thing, a fairy door is childhood magic. Find out why below!

With the Christmas season fast upon us, we are again turning our mind (and purses) to gift buying, so can we make a suggestion? Instead of buying your children lots of cheap, imported, plastic toys that are enjoyed for a few days, then discarded.

Can we suggest giving your children a hand crafted, Australian made, wooden gift that will not only go the distance but be treasured for many years to come? A Fairy Door.

Fairy Christmas Gift Guide

Our family business has been in operation for over 20 years and we have heard literally thousands of customers describe how their child loves their fairy door.

We have customers who’ve share that their child has grown up with their fairy door and cannot part with it when they are now older. We also have many, many return customers who purchased a fairy door for their first child and then returned year after year, to purchase fairy doors for their second, third and fourth children through the years and even for nieces and friends.

Why A Fairy Door is childhood Magic

What is it that makes a fairy door so special?

  1. It’s a Little World of fairy adventures

    This pretty little piece of wood that sits on a wall allows a child to create their own imaginative world of make believe where they are the princess in their own fairy adventures.

    Every time a child decorates their fairy door setting with little accessories, they are creating their own little world of enchantment.

    Each time they open the door or check the little mailbox, their creative minds are developing and growing. And it’s these moments where childhood memories are made.

    keeping fairy magic alive

  2. A Fairy Door is a Gift that keeps on giving

    It’s not just a one time enjoyment, it is a gift that really does keep in giving.

    Leaving little fairy notes in their mailbox with encouraging messages on them.

    Popping a tiny treat outside their fairy door to find when they wake up.

    Even taking a moment to make little fairy footprints leading from the door, creates special moments of magic.

    And a fairy door allows parents, grandparents, friends and sibblings to interact together and create moments of magic together.

    It is easy to leave a little fairy note, an encouraging certificate or a letter from the tooth fairy – especially when we have these available in pre-written sets.

    It’s quick to pick up a pretty flower, pebble or leaf outside to leave as a tiny treat outside their fairy door.

    A fairy door also makes gift giving easier. With the many different accessories we have, adding a table setting, a tiny tea set, a grass mat or sparkly mushroom to their fairy door would be a welcome gift.

    Fairy Gifts are the most precious gifts of all

  3. Use a Fairy Door throughout the year

    A fairy door is not just a one time enjoyment. The idea is to use it throughout the year. A Fairy Door is to be treated as though a real actual fairy lives there.

    So when it come to Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, the tooth fairy, and every day life; it can be decorated in the same way we would our own home.

    Santa can visit through it, the Easter bunny can leave tiny eggs outside it, the tooth fairy certainly appreciates a fairy door instead of trying to retrieve a tooth secretly from under a pillow and birthdays are a great way to include extra secret guests to the celebration.

    Red Christmas LIGHT UP Opening Fairy Door

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birthday fairy

Our family spends hours crafting each of our wooden fairy doors knowing that each one will be enjoyed and treasured by children across the country.

a fairy door is childhood magic

It’s precious to know that each door is contributing to many cherished childhood memories.

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