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How to Make a Fairy Pool

Like us, fairies love taking a dip in a pool when it’s hot, so we share how to make a fairy pool out of a shoe box and plastic container.

In our fairy blog we are always trying to think of easy, fun themes that a child can enjoy with their fairy door. And with the weather now warmer, we thought a fairy pool would be such fun.

~ How to Make a Fairy Pool ~

Items Needed

Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool
  • 1 Plastic Lunch Box or Rectangle Container
  • 1 Shoe Box
  • Sand, little pebbles or dirt
  • Water
  • Blue Food Colouring (optional)
  • Small Fairy Accessories

What to Do

  1. Cut down the Shoe Box

    Cut down the shoe box be level with the plastic container when put in the middle.

    Place the plastic container in the middle

    Fill around the outside with the sand, little pebbles or dirt.

    How to make a Fairy Pool

  2. Fill the Fairy Pool

    Drip a few drops of blue food colouring into the plastic container.

    Carefully pour the water in

    How to Make a Fairy Pool

  3. Decorate

    Place the fairy accessories around the edges

    We have used:
    A Fairy
    Fairy Flowers
    Fairy-sized towel (using a cut of fabric or one of our Fairy Mats are perfect.
    Small cuttings of plants & leaves
    Cocktail UmbrellaHow to Make a Fairy Pool

How to Make a Fairy Pool

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