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Fairy Doors by Colour

What’s Behind the Fairy Door?

Fairies are not only at the bottom of the garden, they love to visit homes through tiny doors, so what’s behind the fairy door?

Childhood is the time when imaginations run free. It’s the time when treasured memories are made. And a Fairy Door is the perfect gift for a child to create their own interactive stories where they are the hero and princess in a world where anything is possible.

So, pull the little handle and let your child open the door to a magical world of make believe where their stories come alive.

So what’s behind the Fairy Door?

Fairy Doors by Colour

A fairy door is only limited by a child’s imagination, so when they open the little door, they find it easy to discover friendship, happiness, freedom from worry and magical adventures.

What’s behind the fairy door?

  1. Friendship

    There is friendship behind the fairy door.
    If your child is lonely, they will find it easy to discover that a secret fairy friend is there and can visit them secretly through their fairy door.

    And they know that this secret fairy friend will never hurt them, be mean to them or forget them. It’s a secret friend they create with attributes that are important to them, such as loyalty, kindness, acceptance and friendship.

    And often children love to name their fairy friend.

    For help on choosing a Fairy Name, see our Blog Post:
    How to Choose a Fairy Name

    What's behind the fairy door

  2. Freedom from Worry

    Behind the fairy door is freedom from worry.
    If you have a little worrier in your family, interacting with their fairy door can help.

    Children can hold onto worries because their little minds are still developing perspective and logic. So interacting with their fairy door can allow them to actively leave their worries on the doorstep for their fairy friend to take away.

    For example, children can write their worries on a little fairy note and leave it in their fairy mailbox. Then in the morning when they wake up, they discover that their letter has gone (thanks to the ‘secret parent chief fairy’) and often a little ‘thank you treat’ is left on the doorstep to assure them the fairies have taken their worries away.

    What's behind the fairy door

  3. Freedom from Fear

    Behind the fairy Door is freedom from fear
    If you have a little one who is afraid of the dark, monsters under their bed or won’t sleep in their own bed, a fairy door is a perfect tool to ease these fears.

    We have many helpful ideas on how a fairy door can be used to ease a child’s fear. We especially have one amazing testimony of a customer who set up a beautiful fairy door setting under her child’s bed, lit it up with fairy lights, so her child wouldn’t be afraid of monsters and the dark.

    So every time this little child looked under her bed, her fairy door assured her that all was safe. Beautiful.

    Blog Post: “There’s a Fairy Under my Bed”

    What's behind the fairy door

  4. Happiness

    Behind a fairy door is happiness
    Because a child is super quick to believe the best, they find it easy to discover happy places of make believe behind their fairy door.

    Happy places such as tea parties, fairy gardens, picnics, fairy camping, slumber parties, movie nights and celebrations of anything and everything.

    Especially when they are helped (again by the “secret parent chief fairy‘) with little themed accessories, decorations and fairy notes.

    As a parent, you can greatly help your child create these magical fairy happy places by providing the occasional accessory (bought or hand made).

    To help parents with this, we have designed lots of print out templates that are FREE on our other blog posts. Because we want to make it easy and cheap for parents to be able to magical accessories so their children can enjoy their fairy door.

    Such as:
    Fairy Home Picnic
    Fairy Home Baking
    Fairy Home Celebrations
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    FREE Princess Paper Doll
    FREE Fairy Slumber Party
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    Fairy Home Shopping
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    Fairy Movie Night

So, what’s behind the fairy door? A beautiful world of make believe that they create.

If they are lonely, it is a world of friendship.

If they are afraid, it is a world of comfort and reassurance.

If they are worried, it is a world of freedom and joy.

Because the beauty of a child’s mind is in its innocence and the limitless belief in possibilities, a fairy door allows them to express these attributes and create a make believe world beyond that has meaning to them.

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