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Fairy Christmas Gift Guide

Fairy Christmas Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a beautiful, Australian Made gift this Christmas, then look no further than our Fairy Christmas Gift Guide!

Every year around this time, I am on the lookout for Christmas gifts for my family that are unique, personal and preferably quality Australian Made, something they will treasure for many years.

I don’t like buying cheaply made, poor quality, run-of-the-mill presents because often they are discarded in a couple of weeks or never used.

But now in our 21st year of business together, mum & I pride ourselves in offering products that we would be proud to buy ourselves. Truly unique, quality, Australia Made fairy products that a child will treasure for years to come.

Fairy Christmas Gift Guide

So, shop our 2020 Fairy Christmas Gift Guide

Does your Child love pinks, purples and all things Girly?

Even after all these years, our most popular colour fairy door is still Pink. With our purple fairy door the second most popular.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to us because most little girls we meet love pinks, purples, fairies and all things pretty.

Surprise a special little girl in your life this Christmas with a colour coordinated opening fairy door set. All of our fairy doors have matching mailboxes, fences and windows. And our removable background pictures also come in matching sets to colour coordinate with the different colours of our doors.

Even lots of our accessories can be colour coordinated, such as our Pink Glitter and Purple Glitter mushrooms, our Pink Sparkle and Purple Sparkle Fairies. Plus our Pink Daisies, Pink Carnations and

Our Fairy Letters also come in matching colours, so your child can send and receive letters that match their fairy door set.

Fairy Christmas Gift Guide

Are you a Grandparent?

Most children already believe that their grandparents are magical. I expect it would seal the deal if you presented them with an enchanted doorway for Christmas.

Did you know that Grandparents are our second largest category of customer?! We have SO MANY grandparents who not only send fairy doors to their grandchildren but who also keep one at home themselves so they can share the magic with their grandchild (and their fairies can visit each other – TRUE – we’ve had grandparents tell us this!)

Is your Child Curious and Creative?

An Opening Fairy Door is the perfect gift for them to create their own magical adventures where they are princess and anything is possible.

That’s the wonder of a fairy door! A child can create all sorts of magical themes using our different accessories. They can enjoy fairy tea parties, fairy birthdays, fairy movie nights, fairy gardens and invite the fairies to all sorts of family celebrations.

And most of all, they can look forward to secret fairy letters, notes and little treats that they find in their mailbox.

Do you know a Child who is Afraid of the dark?

A fairy door is not just a beautiful decorative item and a creative toy that inspires a child’s creative side. But a fairy door is the most amazing tool to help still childhood fears.

We receive lots of testimonies and reviews from customers who share their child now sleeps the night in their own bed and no longer is afraid of monster under their bed.

This Christmas, give a child gift that is truly special!

A gift that is meaningful; a gift that is quality; a gift they will treasure.

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