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Little girl writing a secret fairy code

The idea of being able to read and write in a secret fairy code, is magical!

Imagine being able to write notes to your fairy friend that no one else can read! And we have even developed the code! Just download and print our Fairy Code below for FREE.

I loved secret codes when I was a kid.  My friend and I would send each other notes back and forth with messages in code that we had worked out together.  It was so much fun to send and receive a coded message that only we could understand. We felt very covert!

Send a secret fairy message to your fairy friend using our FREE fairy code below.

Share secrets together and write encouraging messages in code, how magical!

How to Write your own Secret Fairy Code?

  1. Print our Secret Fairy Code

    Click the link at the bottom or the image below to open our Fairy Code print outs.

    We have created:
    – a complete coded alphabet
    – and a secret message for you to translate

    Print each sheet onto white A4 papersecret fairy code

  2. Decode our Secret Message

    Using our alphabet Fairy Code, translate our secret message to reveal a surprise!

    Important….Mums & Dads, make sure you be the first to decode this message so you can action what the secret message says (i.e. HINT… hide a small treat for your child to find when they have successfully translated their fairy message)secret fairy code kids message

  3. Create your Own Secret Messages

    Once you have read our secret message, use our Fairy Code to create your own messages.
    On a blank piece of paper, start leaving your own coded messages outside your fairy door for your fairy friend to find and reply to.
    secret fairy code


1. Leave secret code notes for other members of your family in unusual places:

on the bathroom mirror
under a pillow
in the freezer
on the car seat
in their bed

2. Use a coded message to surprise your kids

Create a secret coded message to surprise your kids with spur-of-the-moment park outings or ice cream dates.

3. Set up a scavenger hunt. 

Use our coded alphabet as scavenger hunt clues and have the last clue lead to a cool treat. It could be something like a favourite lunch, a special movie outing or a small treat. Each clue will keep your kids on their toes!

4. Create a joke of the day using our coded alphabet

5. Leave notes of encouragement for your child using our secret code.

  • You could leave one on their pillow to find when they go to bed
  • Leave one under their dinner plate at dinner time
  • Another idea is leave one on their dressing table when they wake up

This is such a fun way to encourage your child and a great relationship building activity. Plus it develops their writing and analytical skills.

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