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how to make a fairy tree

Create your own magical fairy tree with some beautiful blooms, friendly critters and even a fairy swing as we share how to make a fairy tree.

We even include our FREE Fairy Tree printable stencil with flowers, blue birds, bee hive, little critters and a gorgeous fairy swing with fairy! All designed by mum & I at Opening Fairy Doors.

How to make a fairy tree for your fairy door

If you have a fairy door, use the space on the wall beside it to bring some fun spring colour and an outdoor fairy garden feel by attaching these gorgeous images.

All images are provided below free and all you need to do is print them, cut them out and attach them to your wall with blu tac.

Even if you don’t have a fairy door, our fairy door tree would look gorgeous anywhere.

And what makes it even more fun is that your child can rearrange the pieces anytime to create different designs, all without damaging the wall.

How to Make a Fairy Tree

  1. Download the Fairy Tree Printable Stencil

    Click the link at the bottom or on the image below to open the templates.

    There are 2 pages available.

    Print onto white A4 paper (or thin card works best) in colour
    How to make a fairy tree how to make a fairy tree

  2. Cut out each image

    Cutting these out takes some time but it will be worth it.

    Great activity for the kids to do (will keep them occupied for quite a while and great for fine motor skills too)

    if you prefer, you could cut around them leaving a close border, rather than cutting into each indentation.
    how to make a fairy tree

  3. Blu tac the tree to your wall first.

    how to make a fairy tree

  4. Blu tac each image onto the tree

    Place a small piece of blu-tac on the back of each image and stick onto the tree wherever you like.
    how to make a fairy tree
    You could even stick some of the images around your fairy door.

    For example, use some of the flowers to create a fairy garden along your fairy fence, stick the lady bug on your fairy door or hang the bird house and blue birds under your fairy window.

Opening Fairy Door with a DIY printable Fairy Tree

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