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How to Write Tooth Fairy Letters

A visit from the Tooth Fairy is one of the most magical moments in our childhood and this week we share how to write tooth fairy letters.

As a parent, we know how special it is when our child loses their first tooth. It’s a milestone that we often treasure and even save in a memory book right next to their first hair clippings.

A child loses 20 teeth as they grow, so that is 20 potential Tooth Fairy Visits. 

One way to add a personal touch when a tooth fairy visits is with Tooth Fairy Letters. But often we are at a loss as to what to say in a letter like this. So, we’d like to share some thoughts on how to write tooth fairy letters which may help when you have a wobbly tooth in your house.

How to Write Tooth Fairy Letters

  1. Personalise It

    It’s always nice to see your own name written down, it’s personal and meaningful. How special would your child feel to see their name on a personal letter from the Tooth Fairy!

    how to write tooth fairy letters

  2. Include Details that no one Else Would Know

    As well as using your child’s name, also use other details about them that no one else knows. This will encourage and make your child feel special. After all that’s what a visit from the Tooth Fairy is all about.

    For example:

    – compliment the quality of their tooth,
    – comment on how good they are at brushing their teeth, or
    – how tidy their room is (which makes it easy for the tooth fairy to collect their tooth). 

  3. Be Secretive

    Firstly, if you have an inquisitive child who notices everything, make sure they don’t recognise your hand writing.

    You could either type the letter or write it in a style that your child won’t recognise.  

    We actually have some beautiful, all ready printed Tooth Fairy Letters to help you know what to write and to make tooth fairy visits easy, encouraging and special.

    See below for a description of these.

    Tooth Fairy Letters

  4. Make the Tooth Collection Place Easy

    Make sure the “Tooth Fairy” is able to collect the tooth easily. Leaving it under a pillow is quite tricky without disturbing sleep and being spotted.

    We believe a great place for the Tooth Fairy is outside a fairy door.

    Tooth Fairy’s are very familiar with a fairy door and they know exactly where they are. They can quickly and quietly collect the tooth from the doorstep, leave a coin, treat or note secretly and fly off again without being noticed. 

    Tooth Fairy Letters

  5. Keep it Short and Sweet

    Younger children need a little letter that is simple to understand.

    For older kids you can include more details, but still try to keep it short because you don’t want to risk giving too much away! Remember, the older a child gets, the trickier it can be making the note seem authentic.

Ever Stuck for How to Write Tooth Fairy Letters?

We’ve got the answer!

We have available a set of 12 Tooth Fairy Letters available for sale. Each letter is designed and hand made here in Australia.

This set includes:

  • 8 letters from the Tooth Fairy after collecting a tooth
  • 1 apology letter from the Tooth Fairy for being late
  • 1 apology letter from the Tooth Fairy for not being able to collect a tooth due to an untidy room
  • 2 letters to the Tooth Fairy from your child, to accompany their tooth
  • 1 organza pouch (pink, white & purple chosen & sent randomly – please let us know if you prefer a colour – in the Customer Note section at Checkout)

We have designed this assortment of letters to make it easy to send and receive tooth fairy letters when a tooth falls out. Instead of trying to think what to write, you can easily select a letter to leave outside their fairy door or under their pillow.

Tooth Fairy Letters

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